Saturday, May 14, 2011

Off Into Saturday We Go

This morning my body is reminding me that I am not 22 years old.  But truly I can't stop acting like I am 22. It has been a 23 year standing joke that I am stuck at this age. Late Thursday evening a four mile run/walk.  Up early Friday with boys off to school, grocery shopping, three hours of fast walking while chasing two boys on a bike trail, and then home to mow the lawn, and then scrub down the outdoor furniture.  Did I also mention that hours before that run I also walked with a friend. 

Now Saturday morning and my husband is off working which is in rare form  and my precious boys let mommy sleep in until 9:00am.  Off in the distance Eric is singing "angels we have heard on high", Ethan and Emerson are drawing airplanes.  And here I am, sitting quietly with a warm cup of day old coffee...thinking that my body could sit for a few more hours, but I know that it won't be long and the bikes will come out, the day will get roaring, and I am running alongside to keep up.

What a joy it is to be home and be part of this life with my boys.  Yesterday while scrubbing down the lawn furniture, Emerson was right there with me, his little scrubber helping me out.  Chatting away about how he views life from his little stature. He is not so Emersquishy anymore. He is stretching out, and more gangly and skinny barely able to keep his jeans up.

In the next hour we are going downtown to the Portland Farmer's Market and then the dog show on the waterfront. Rain or shine we have our day planned. Followed by a visit to the garden store to pick up flowers. I am going to take pictures of before and after of the yard. Right now it looks DRAB!!!!  This season of rain has done little to brighten up my yard, so rather than do planting and hope for the best, we are going to buy ready made flowers and put them in the ground. I am really tempted to just go to Dollar Tree and stick hundreds of plastic flowers in the  yard. The boys would get such a kick out that, and imagine the money I will save.  Plus with the ground so soft, we could just push those stems right in. Hmmmmm....that might not be such a bad idea.

Off into Saturday we go.  Even if my body is aching and tired, with these boys there is no rest on a Saturday when there is so much going on.  They have been mellow and quiet all morning, so I owe it to them to have some adventure in their day. 

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  1. I pray you're enjoying your day. I just scrubbed my deck and deck furniture last week. I understand. :o)



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