Thursday, January 12, 2012

Speed Friending

I just stole this off of Sheri's Blog and thought it was fun to read each of the answers. Apparently  it had come off of a speed dating website. How about some SPEED FRIENDING instead.  Cut and paste in the comments and let me know you more.  Here are my answers.

Beverage... Anything Starbucks

Vacation Spot... Maui, Hawaii

Current TV Show... Friends reruns

Body Wash... ivory soap

Movie... Hmmmm, none really.

Holiday... Chrstmas

When are we going to plan a trip to Hawaii? We can sit in the sun and drink EVERYTHING STARBUCKS

Dessert... Double Choc. cake with icecream. It can never be too rich,so I will eat my own.

Food... Nachos

Toothpaste... Aqua Fresh
Smell... Lavendar

Time of day... 3pm-7pm

Season... Summer

Excuse... "I forgot?"

Book... The Holy Bible

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  1. Yes, let us go to Maui and have some Starbucks... sounds delish!


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