Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Past, Memroy Lane

Emerson missing in action, as he was an early to bed baby.

/Elliot comes home from college break with Eric, then 3 years old.

This year we decided our car was to small for our family and a tree, but we did make it home.

Eric excited by the tree and mommy happy to hold her little man.

And then one year, in 2008 we had a big snow storm and our world was full of fun.

Mama Santa's helper on many if her ELF duties like decorating cookies.

Candle light service with the family

Elliot teaches the boys about candle safety.

The stockings are always hung by the chimney with care.

And dear big brother grabs his sister under the mistletoe.

Mama with her boys, not all made it into the picture.

It was a big snow storm that year.

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