Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Lovely Girl

This Lovely Girl sees him sitting with a bunch of guys.  He is in his hipster jeans. The same ones he wore last week.  He is also wearing the same hat too. She loves how his Bible is leather and torn on the edges.  She finds a friend in closer proximity to him and she begins to look his way again. He catches her eye and smiles.  Her heart just fell in her right sparkly pink TOMS.  She does this casual turn away from him. She can only handle one glance this evening.  She goes home, prays about him.  Asking God if "he" could be the one?  He must be if he is on her heart. He must be if she is thinking about him.  She is praying about him. God would not put so much of him on her heart and head if it were not true.

Once again, he is there. Only this time he is chatting away with people she knows, so she joins the group.  He looks her way and tells her he like her hat.  She smiles and says "thanks, I bought it at Target.  Do you shop at Target? I love that store, last week I ........." And then she feels silly.  Silly is her middle name when she is nervous. So is talking to much.  She fades away quickly and shy is always followed by silly.  Later, as "their" friends are gathering to plan what is next on the evening, he asks if she want to ride in his car with some of the others.  She says yes and hops in the back seat. Her friends squeezes her leg, and this lovely girl throws a look of "do not say anything."

Later in the safety of her home this lovely girl and her girl friend talk the night away. Going over every single detail.  The girlfriend says, "He would not have asked you into his car if he were not interested."  She says, "He also noticed my hat.  Guys just don't notice hats...unless...oh I am not going to get my hopes up."  Her friend says, "You should get your hopes up. He is amazing and I can see that he likes you."  She says, "Really, you think so, I mean really what else did you notice?"  She says, "I noticed that when he was driving to the place, he glanced back at you, as if to make sure you are okay."  BIG SQUEAL!!!

This Lovely Girl journals the evening, like many others. Only this one is different. She got to hang out with him all night. Not really with him, but with everyone and he was there.  She inventories every detail of the evening. She is so blessed to have had a friend along, who could make sense of all of this.  She lays in bed thinking of how he is going to fit into the canvas of her heart. Her Lovely story, being written and painted.  She looks up on the wall, Many unfinished paintings and realizes that he is truly the one for her. Her dreams and her sleep are peaceful

This Lovely Girl talks with important influences in her life and shares the mysteries God is exposing to her about this young man.  A very well intended influence, who is soon to be married, expands on this new love affair. Telling her how excited she is, how wonderful it has been to be dating such a Godly man herself and now about to marry in a few weeks.  This Lovely Girl's hopes and dreams continue to build.

Days, weeks, and months pass.  This Lovely Girl finds that they work alongside each other in various ministries.  They like the same coffee spot and even if they have never gone on a date it is okay.  She knows that he will ask her when he himself knows that she is the one.  So she saves her heart for him.  This Lovely Girl continues to ask God to show her peace and direction.  She keeps her heart open, and even month later his hipster jeans are sooooo looking good on him.

This Lovely Girl was walking to her car one evening.  He called her name. "Oh Lovely Girl, wait up, I have a question for you?"  Her heart is pounding.  She knows what is coming.  She has waited months for this.  She prays that God would keep her from dropping her heart into both her right and left sparkly black TOMS.  He takes her backpack that she almost dropped while trying to unlock the car.  This Lovely Girl can smell his cologne.  And then the question of all questions. "Lovely Girl I noticed that you and I work in the same ministry and I am going to be out of town next week, can you cover for me?"  Her heart skips a few beats.  Caught off guard she quickly says, "yes".  This Lovely Girl, trying to make conversation asks, "so where are you going?"  He smiles and says, "You know That Other Girl who we have all been hanging around with.  She and I have been dating now for three weeks and her parents are coming to town to take us to breakfast.  Thanks so much Lovely Girl." This means a lot to me and will mean a lot to The Other Girl too.

What just happened to This Lovely Girl?  How could this even be?  Why could she not know this?  Didn't God direct her heart towards him?  All devastating questions to be asking herself on her lonely drive home.  This Lovely Girl was lead to believe it was more. Journal entries, many prayers how could this be?

Dreamers, hopefuls, and misguided.  I shared something important to some Lovely Girls about this very thing, these very kinds of situations.  God would not ever be fond of a man who directs our hearts away from Him.  Let me say this again.  God would not ever be fond of a man who directs our hearts away from Him. This Lovely Girl did not realize it. She once journaled her thought and her prayers to God. God was no longer the priority in her heart.  The Lovely Young Man monopolized her waking thoughts.  This Lovely Young Man would have been no match for The Lovely Girl who already wrote "their" story, long before the first page was opened to be read by him.

I wrote a blog next to this one called Pseudo Dating ( ) .  I wrote from the guys perspective and this perspective is my experience with many Lovely Girls, younger, older, mid-olders and mid-youngers. My heart too has been  like many a Lovely Girl.  This Lovely Girl  Pseudo Dating this Lovely Man for months and her heart broke into pieces to learn that all she had hoped and dreamed was not what it was or to be.  Go to the next blog and read about Pseudo Dating and ask if this is you.

We girls are love sick for love stories. We come alongside and embellish with our own love stories.  We want to know all the details, and then giving our meaning to those details. We want to be an encourager of a heart that is ready to love.  Many of us live in our love stories today, so we know what we mean when we know it is right. We are not meaning to do this, but we do.  If we are single, and there is not one person on our own radar, we get excited with this Lovely Girl because, well, it is fun to dream through the dreams of another.  Our Lovely Girl hearts do take that pen from God and we begin to write our stories. We take the paintbrush and carefully begin to paint this Lovely Man into our futures.  God designed us as dreamers, as hopeful romantics and yet God, desires for us to give Him back the pen, the paintbrush and let Him continue with your story.  Lovely Girls walk in the plans that God would have for your life.  He knows your desires to be loved, and to love. He knows the longings of your heart and one day your journal entry will change to reality of that Lovely Man God brings into your life.

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