Friday, October 21, 2011


Dear Mr. David Kim,

I doubt you will  read this, but if you do, here is what I would write to you, and for those who read my blog I would want them to know.

I was folding laundry late last night. Flipping channels on the TV and not really impressed with the selection of the 11pm line up. I went over to TLC and saw a show called "Undercover Boss".  My daughter was sitting on the couch chatting with me, and I was not really paying attention until I noticed it would be the CEO of BAJA FRESH.  We love your food chain so I committed to watching until my laundry was folded.

I am not sure how reality shows work, but one of the first comments I made to my daughter, about this episode, was simply this..."I wonder if he (David Kim) made sure that if he agreed to be in this show that God would be honored and blessed?"

Without any bold statements about Jesus, God, or Christianity I could see in your heart and eyes the message of Jesus.  As you addressed those in your your boardroom I could see that you, Mr. David Kim, are a man who is passionate about God.  A few scenes later, you are driving in your car and speaking about your dad and the camera does a close up of a wooden cross hanging from your rear-view mirror.  I looked at my daughter and said, "see I told you, this man is making sure that God is going to be woven into this episode." Laundry now completed and I am now committed to see this show's entire hour.

As you went into each of your chains to work, you did something much deeper that just find out how the restaurant was run. You asked questions about the heart of each manager.  You took time to know their hearts, their stories, and aside from the activities and jobs you made sure that these people were affirmed in their dreams, their hopes and the many hats they were wearing as not only managers but mothers, fathers, and sons working hard. Even in your disguise of a fluffy beard and glasses, you still radiated the love and heart of Jesus.  Reality TV?!

Then you sat on the curb with a young man. A young man carrying the weight of supporting his family in hard times.  You, with hundreds of stores, a fancy car to drive and a life time supply of BAJA FRESH (slightly jealous here, but God has blessed my family in other ways, big smile!)  You listened to this young man's heart and his words in hardship, "this is a blessing that God has given me."  Wow.  A young boy with so little deliveries the message of blessings from God to a man with so much.  Yet it was not lost upon you, who this young boy was honoring, and together you prayed sitting on that curb, and he prayed over you, the CEO of the company he was working hard at. 

Your message of not only honoring God, being faithful to the One who succeeds all the restaurants, the success, the avocados, the hard working employees, the fact that you run this company and did not know how to run a cash machine (which cracks me up laughing now, been there and done that.), you loved on those people with the heart of Jesus.  That message was delivered loud and clear through reality TV.  You cared like Jesus, you put your hand on shoulders, and hugged a man and you shared your blessings to these people.

Some may read this and think I am silly to think that this was real.  Perhaps it was good acting, tugging at the emotions, and hopes that the show might drives your sales over the top in a hurting economy.  When you walk with Jesus and understand the Holy Spirit's dwelling within each of us, you can see through the propaganda.  It was not but 30 seconds into the show I made that first comment...

"I wonder if he (David Kim) made sure that if he agreed to be in this show that God would be honored and blessed?" 

As the show ended, I was smiling so big. I wanted to hop on my computer right away and google and find your name. It was midnight and four kids would be up and running the next day so I had to get to bed.  Rather than do that I chose to blog and share your story with those who read my blog.  I wanted to tell people that Baja Fresh is run by a man who is not afraid to Honor and Love our God not only in his company, but on reality TV.  I want to tell my friends and family who read to go and eat more from your restaurants. How different this world would be if we all lived out the example of Jesus as you did on that show, and I am certain do in your private life.  God gives us blessings, and we choose to honor Him, and be his feet, his hands, and his face he continues to pour his blessings on us. May the sales of your company grow more this year than ever before, so that can than share more of his blessings with those whom you have already taken time to know and care for.  I can't wait to see what God does next in your life.

Ephesians 4:29
"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" 

I was listening late one night while doing my laundry. Listening to your wholesome talk, your building up of those whom you work with and those who work for you, and my oh my what a benefit to all who listened. Keeping walking close with Jesus!  Blessings, Elizabeth 


  1. Dear Elizabeth: my name is Mindy. Yesterday Dear Elizabeth: my name is Mindy. Yesterday night i saw this episode in Chile (i'm chilean christian woman) and it was amazing.. i cried a lot! specially because God was glorified and honored through the testimony of David Kim. Today i saw the episode again with my husband and inmediatly i've searched information about him... that's the way that I came to your blog! May God bless you!

    1. MIndy, It was four years ago I wrote this blog post and i am just now reading your comment. I hope you are well. Thank you for commenting and I apologize I did not see it sooner. What a wonderful God we serve. Elizabeth


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