Thursday, August 4, 2011

Training that Corrects

I have to admit that not all discipline work for every child.  Of course we all pretty much know this. However there is One discipline that works for every child Well every child of mine. Bible Study.  Now some might argue that if you use this method as discipline your child will resent the Word of God and run from God and then burn down houses, and spit out tobacco.  Fortunately my older too have done neither and continue to embrace the teachings of God Word the Bible.

DisciplinePunishment, a field of study, training that corrects, molds or perfects, control gained by obedience and training, a system of rules, orderly conduct.

My nine year old was terrible yesterday.  I mean the kind of terrible which falls under disrespect towards a sitter, disobedient.  Made her chase him down and laughed about it. Locked himself in the bathroom, and mouthed off at her.  I am not the kind of mom who cringes and think I failed as a mother with a report like this.  I think, "okay here we go again, now how do I teach Ethan that this is not acceptable?"  Ethan is actually a very good kid. Never have these behaviors played out in school, but they do seem to be his rebellions when a sitter steps in on the scene. Sometimes that sitter being his sister whom he loves dearly when she is not playing the sitter role.

I spent some time in prayer over how to handle these offenses with a nine year old.  I thought of how some times I use excuses for my not so favorable behaviors because of the situation I may be in that I am not particularly happy about. Ethan expressed he was not happy about having a sitter. He also expressed that when a sitter comes they do everything different than mommy and I don't like it.  Honest answers. Does that mean his behavior is now acceptable?  He in his heart was justified.  So now what next?  "Training that Corrects"

Ethan has to spend two whole days on his bed.  No toys.  Only his Bible, lined paper (lots of it) and pencils.  And here is the kind of training that corrects I chose for him.
1.  Write out ten verses relating to Kindness (already printed out and chosen for him)
2.  Go to your Bible and read and underline those same verses.
3.  Write out 50 different ways to show kindness.
4.  Write a letter to the sitter, apologizing for you behavior.
(Number four is not mandatory.  I told him that I did not want him writing a letter that did not come from a heart of true obedience to God's Word. I asked him to go to God and pray about it, and see if God speaks to his heart on this matter.)  I think this is important.  Why?  I want my kids, at a very young age to view God as the guide to what happens in their hearts, not mom or dads authority as a parent.  As we teach them to consult with God on the matters of their heart, and then ask questions later, it always amazes me to hear their thoughts on speaking with God and God directing their young hearts.
"Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me. Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, And in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom."
I have not received any attitudes, ever, when I direct my children to the Word of God for "training that corrects."  They have a reverence, an honor, and appreciation for the Bible so this kind of discipline is not producing angry, mad, and more negative behaviors.  Ethan has been working diligently all morning.  Even came to me and asked if he could write his scripture out in cursive writing. BONUS!!!  Practice with his cursive.
It is not always easy to know the best methods of discipline, however any kind of methods that trains and corrects through Biblical guidance is a positive step in the write direction.  If you have ideas on ways to train and correct I wold LOVE LOVE LOVE to heart them. Send me an email, or comment on this blog.  I know many of you who read this have gone before me on many issues and I am still a mother in progress.

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  1. I was once asked to lead a "parenting" course at our church. I laughed and politely declined by saying, "I'm not your girl!"

    Honestly, if I need more tips, I'm coming to you girl. How much wasted discipline ave I administered over the years.

    Great teaching.



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