Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If ever I lack confidence in the words that I write I will read this:

From Bekah via email:  "I was reading some of Ally Spotts ( http://www.allyspotts.com/) archives tonight, as a new reader of hers. And I ran across this comment you left on this post.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say thank you for this: "

“Lack of Confidence. Women in general get tangled in their thoughts as to how they will be heard, understood, and perceived, thus “we” (generally speaking) wrap more thoughts and more emotions around simple topics which make no sense to men at all. How often do women change their scarf, their shoes, their outfit for the evening before walking out the door. I am not convinced it’s the color of the garment being mulled around. More of how one feels which falls under lack of confidence even in a decision as fashion. My daughter will come to me, and sift through all kinds of emotions on a topic, and how best to respond to matters of her own heart. My job as her mother is not to offer my years of wisdom, but to teach her to have confidence in her thought process, her convictions, and the confidence to express them in ways that do not offend. I pray that over all the young women in my life, that confidence in Christ to untangle the emotions.”

"I am a young woman who is wrestling with this very issue right now. I'm learning confidence from my heavenly Father. He's revealing insecurities I didn't even know I had and dealing with them. I'm learning...I just had to tell you that I heard your mothers' heart in this comment. And I love it. I copied this comment into my journal because I want to remember this if I ever raise daughters of my own. Your girl is fortunate, and I hope she calls you blessed...
God bless you in your pursuit of Him. You are touching lives in ways you may never know. "
Bekah Hope (  www.rebekahhopes.blogspot.com)  go and read her blog

Do you ever wonder if the words you are writing are being read, understood, and helping others in their walk with Christ in this world?  The desire of my heart has always been to help build confidence in women as they follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives.  This truly touched my heart and I hope that it gives each reader the confidence to write, share, and allow God to speak through you with confidence.  You may never know who is reading, who is listening, and how God is going to use your words.  So write, speak, and listen with confidence as God does show up on the pages of our lives.


  1. Elizabeth, this is so touching!!! Especially that she contacted you... and that you used this opportunity to encourage others to keep touching the lives of others. Blessings to you!

  2. So encouraging, Elizabeth. Thank you! Just the word I needed. Now if I can only remember it. :)


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