Friday, August 5, 2011

The Over See'er

We went to church that evening. Jose Zayas spoke from 1 Corinthians 15.  Explaining not just what the gospels means but how live out the gospel, the good news of Jesus. I brought four girls with me that night.  We sat in the front row, and together we all heard the same message.

Later we walked down town.  Exciting on a Saturday evening for high school girls. All four, whom parents have handed off to me for the evening.  Treating them like I would my own daughters.  All very beautiful, with spirits that resonated with their youth, carefree in how they carried themselves, giggles, laughter and unsuspecting of any danger.  I told them if I said, “cozy in girls” that meant I sense uneasiness and they were to stay close.

The streets of Portland were littered with people coming and going.  Streets with the homeless lined the walks, and crowds waiting to get into a popular donut shop.  We waited in the long line, only to realize it was a cash only operation. My car was parked about six blocks away, so we walked to my car to see if I had extra dollars strewn about in pockets or coin trays.  On our walk back we stopped and chatted with four homeless people and heard a little of their stories. One homeless girl named Sarah was having a birthday.  One of the girls with me decided she wanted to buy her cupcakes, cookies and water. So we stopped in a store and made such purchases and delivered the birthday gifts. Sarah, with tears in her eyes thanked the girls. I just stood back and watched.  As we walked on to my car I said this is how we live out sharing the gospel. Sometimes it’s just being Jesus to the homeless on the street.

We found little change in my car, and decided to walk back down to the donut shop and alert the others, whom we met up with at church to let them know it was cash only at the donut shop.  I slowed behind the girls, and they walked along without me about 5-10 feet ahead. I was going to text my son, who was part of that group and let him know of the cash only donut shop.  And then I heard something very strange. “ Four coming towards you approach now.” At that very moment I sensed a dark presence surrounding me. I immediately prayed..,”Lord Jesus whatever is here make sure it sees a hundred angels surrounding me.”  I then felt a very powerful peace.  I looked past the girls and saw three very handsome young men walking towards them. I looked behind me, and there he was perched on a box with a phone in his hand. We made eye contact and then he said into the phone…”OVER SEE’ER OVER SEE’ER Pull Back”.  I walked over to him, and said, “damn straight I am an overseer.” I have no idea how that even came out o my mouth, but it did.  I then joined the girls. The girls walking and talking and oblivious to their surroundings.

As I passed the three young men. All nicely dressed. Looking like the young men that I might have in my home, sitting around my kitchen counter, sharing friendship with my own kids I saw their eyes. I made eye contact with each one of them and knew in that moment there was truly a multitude of angels surrounding those girls and myself. I saw black and darkness in their eyes, and it was as if they were cowering as I passed by.  I looked at each one, never taking my stare off of them. My eyes from one to the next all three of them.  And then I whispered “I am the Over see’er.”  I smiled and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit was speaking through me. I know this because alone by myself Elizabeth would have run away fast, but I walked slowly, with confidence and spoke slowly.

It was chilling and yet a very peaceful feeling in a powerful way to know that God was fully protecting these young girls.  About 40 minutes later a different street, a different block a young man sat on a newspaper stand.  As we walked by, he smile at me and said “there is the over see’er”.  One of the girls asked what that was and I shrugged my shoulders and said,  “I don’t know.”  This man had bright shining eyes.  And there was peace and joy in his smile and I smile back at him.  I know that in this world we can never know an angel but this man was an angel. I felt that this Jesus-Angel was saying "I got your backs girls."

A few days later I shared this with the girls at our Bible study.  They remembered the young men coming towards them. “Oh yeah they were hot.”  And another remembered the “over see’er” statement.

I have shared this story a few times.  I have said that I think it would be GRAND for white t-shirts to be made with big bold letters O.V.ER.S.E.E.’.E.R printed on them.  Then to pass them out to those who truly are out protecting those from harm. I would be the first one in line to buy and wear.

Tonight I was at my sweet and precious friend’s house. I shared this story with her and we chatted about it. I told her that I had even written it out, as it is above, but was not sure if I would put it on my blog.  Late night as it is now I go to my facebook.  This dear friend has left a comment on my page. Here it is….

"Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you OVERSEERS. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock." Acts 20:28-29 NIV

Wow!!!  My heart felt such a holy chill go down my spine as I read this passage.  My eyes filled with tears and again I have to thank God for giving me the peace, the power, and the protection from those savage wolves.

(p.s Thanks Sheri for this verse.  Sheri has a blog which is very much one of my favorites. )


  1. What an incredible witness of God's Spirit and willing availability to us! Thank God for all the many ways he is using you to shape the lives and hearts of the next generation!

    Keep to it, Oversee-er!


  2. What an amazing evening you had Elizabeth. As one who comes from a family who does not believe in this stuff, I am so glad to really understand that it is true. And now I have something to tell my family the next time we are together. Thanks so much for telling me this. Much love to you. Steffi

  3. Aaaahhh!! I love this story! I just read it aloud to my sister who loves it too! Praise God for His faithfulness and protection!

    I had an experience a few months ago that showed me how intimately our Father cares for our safety. I blogged a series about it called "The Ready Soul".

  4. Darling, I very much love you! I am so glad you are in my life and that you are not afraid to share what you experience. Most would explain things away, but you see God's hand in it. Blessings, my dearest Over see’er.

  5. Wow, just wow. What a wonderful Lord we serve and what a wonderful servant you are. This is a great story which touches my heart. Thank you for posting it.


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