Saturday, August 13, 2011

"I Came To Save Lives, Instead God Saved Me"

The past few days I had the fun and blessings of being a fly on the wall of a camp over at Young Life's Washington Family Ranch, also known as WAFARA.  I could sit and write into the wee hours of the night the many stories that have unfolded from these three days. Some will come later in my blog, but tonight this one very short story.

"I came here to save lives, but instead Jesus saved me."

She shared her story in short.  Her story was simple.  Camp needed some  lifeguards.  The head lifeguard left a flyer at the Newberg, OR swimming pool.  She is a swimmer and certified life guard who could take a week off. She then recruited one of her friends, and together they came to WAFARA to serve for a week.  God had bigger plans.

It was hours before everyone would get back on the buses and head towards Portland, the last day of camp. The camp speaker asked if anyone wanted to share in a couple of sentences what God has done in their life they could come up to the stage.  She came up, along with her friend.  They had come to be life guards. Keep everyone safe and in her words..."save lives."  "Instead God saved me."

I sat in the crowd and tears streamed down my face. I remember being on this property 12 years ago. Before it was a Young Life camp and praying with those who had a dream and a vision to raise up this property to a place that would save those who did not know Jesus.  We ate our picnic lunch and prayed for a long time.  Every time I hear a story of someone coming to know Jesus at this place I cry.  I even cry writing this out. Why?  Because we can never know the impact our lives will have on those who do not know Jesus. Many met Christ this past week for the first time.

These two girls stand out most to me.  They did not come to a camp to hear the Gospel. They came to hang in the sun and be lifeguards and even on the sidelines of a camp, God spoke through to their hearts.  Those two girls went home as new believers. Praise God!!!!


  1. I.Love.This. Thank you for storytelling it, Elizabeth. Upwards of 40 kids made 1st time commitments this past week. He blows my endlessly creative in His weaving and life-writing. I'll be praying for these two girls as I pray for the others; that the Lord will guard them and keep them, and may their roots grow down deep into Jesus. So glad you and your boys were there. You all are such a blessing!

  2. This brought back memories of many fond summers spent at campmeetings with my friends. I got saved at least once every summer:)

    Truly, those years of shaping have gone a long way to anchor me in my adulthood. I'm glad for every salvation story I hear, especially when a young heart is attached to it!



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