Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Lazy Sunday

I looked at my husband this afternoon and said today is a lazy Sunday. He looked at me perplexed.  For some reason he thought I needed his approval for a lazy Sunday.  I questioned his look, he questioned mine and then he said "I am okay with lazy Sundays."
It has been a very fun and busy week.  This past week.

Taking the boys swimming almost every day.
Meeting with a dear friend in the evening of Wednesday. Agreeing to end at 9pm, but ending at 10:45pm. I love her.
Taking the boys swimming again.
Book Club Thursday evening.
Solid Rock Moms in the Park on Friday.
Friday evening a big picnic out in Mulino with  long time friends. Only about 250 guests. Music, potluck, bounce house, hay rides, and sitting in the Orchard over long conversation.
Driving back from Mulino at 8pm to catch Emily singing at an Irish Pub at 9:30pm.  So happy that Elliot joined me and my long time friend Amanda.   
Saturday trying to quickly grocery shop for a few necessities and yet another picnic with long time family.
Sitting in my new red lawn chairs which I love.  Having left my sand chairs at the Mulino picnic so my friend could use them for Zoo Concert.  
Did I mention that a week ago was Concert in the Zoo with dear friends.
Taking Eric on a mama date. He wanted to check out the books at Costco. He found a Star Wars book and if you saw me at Costco. I would be the one with a little boy balancing his book on the side of the cart reading every single word. We traveled at a snails pace.
We then got icecream for everyone and went home. In the words of my seven year old "mama this was the perfect date. thank you."  My heart melts along with the icecream somewhere in a box in the back.

Sunday waking to my lovely daughter and husband and a long coffee breakfast. My husband made a hot breakfast. Breakfast is hot and so is he.
Boys sweeping the long drive of all the leaves and a long lazy morning.
So glad for service at noon.
I can't believe Emerson is in the kindergarten class. He looks very small next to the to the other kids.  Ethan also got the "get out of jail free" bracelet. Which means he is old enough to check himself out of Sunday school.
The Burger Things after church. The boys had their snow cones first, and so did I. The blue color is my favorite.  We sat in lawn chairs under the tree and visited with all the passer byers.  Ethan climbed the tree and we went home with about 20 pounds of extra cheese. If you have dinner in our home with a cheese base in the next few weeks. Thank Solid Rock church.
And then we came home and the lazies set in. David started his Sunday routine of starting the laundry. I had decided to lay down. Emerson joined me with his new phonics book we have been working through wanting to learn more words, so we read together.
Every so often one of the other boys would come and show me their lego designs.  Star Wars, special cars, secret passages, cities etc.
David took a fashion consultant with him to Target.  Emerson helped him pick out some summer shorts. Later David is modeling his smaller size shorts. I am so proud that he is on year two of working out on a regular basis. I tease him often that he is manorexic.  When the reality is his exercise is a habit. I could take some pointers from him.  Not today. Today is Lazy Sunday.
And now, the night winding down, boys off to lalalaland. Not really. I can hear them chatting away. It's summer time, so no mommy or papa making an entrance to hush the night down.
Tomoroow a new day and week.
So blessed that I have life to live with such wonderful family, friends, picnics. book club, music events, sons and a daughter, and a fantastic husband.  Thanks Lord Jesus for everything, may I find joy and peace in the everyday things of life.


  1. Even with three boys, I find I can be very lazy at your home. As I walk through the door, I just want to take of my shoes and stay a long while. May this week be just a wonderful as last week. Much love.

  2. I was so glad you made it out on Friday. Loved seeing Elliot also!


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