Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our God Reigns

"Wow mommy, this is the most beautiful day.  God gives us such good things."  He said that. My precious Ethan.  If our mommy date...oops... I mean our "mommy road trip" ended here he was happy.  We were driving across HWY 97 on our way to play at the Young Life camp WAFARA.  The band needed picked up by Saturday, so we decided to go a few days earlier.  He had no idea where we were going.  Just that his mommy date would last three days and it required packing a swimsuit.

As he counted the mountains, and learned each of the names he was in AW! Asking questions about how tall each was, how far apart, and again how God has given us this picture to look at on a very dull road.  We were stuck behind a semi for miles.  He was not distracted by the semi, the slower speeds like I was.  And then the lessons of life unfold.

As we drove for miles I asked myself....what distracts me away from the beautiful things God gives me?  Here my nine year old could not take his eyes off the beauty of "such good things."  He watched in wonder and amazement.  I would glance over on occasion, but went miles of frustration behind a semi.  Ethan asked me a really good question.  "Mama do you see how beautiful these mountains are?"  His words hung before I answered.  He had to ask me again.  I was thinking how my walk with Christ often gets distracted by the "semi's" in my way.  Asking God to show me those "semi's".  Ethan's voice faded back in and he asked again.  I looked for a long time, and said "yes Ethan I see how beautiful the mountains are."  I then busted out in a song. "How lovely on the mountains are the feet of Him, that bring good news, good news. Announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness...."  Ethan always thinks I make up these songs. He wanted to learn the words, so together we sang "Our God Reigns, Our God Reigns" and tears spilling down my cheeks.

I sometimes think that my shady past is that "semi" in my life.  Will that past, a childhood of abuse, some bad decisions in my youth and as a young adult more decisions that were apart from God, will all this effect the kind of mom and wife I am.  Perhaps my struggles will become negative examples to my children.  "Semi" distracting my heart away from the beautiful things that God has for me.  I pulled over and we rolled down our windows and stared for a long time at those mountains saying nothing.  Ethan then asked "what does 'reigns' mean?  I keep thinking it's the thing you use on a horse, but it doesn't go with the song."  I told him that it means to be Ruler over all things.  He smiled and said something like "that is why the mountains are perfect."  We then busted out in our song again and again as we traveled the long road.  The semi was long gone, alone on that road with my son and the picture perfect backdrop of the mountains.

Sometimes when we are in the middle or behind that semi we have to pull over.  Remember who Reigns and let those things pass that keep our hearts distracted away from God.  Then with a clear view, a picture perfect view of the beautiful things he has for us.  My beautiful young man taking joy and pleasure in those things. I have to smile.  I am the one who gets frustrated with those "semi" moments.  God has grabbed hold of this boys' heart. He see's His beauty and it's not my past that has effected Ethan's ability to know God, love Him and appreciate the gifts He gives.  That afternoon on a road in the middle of Oregon, where most drudge on, Ethan sees how awesome God is.  What a testament to my own heart.

Thanks Lord Jesus for this boy you are growing up a little more in you each day.  Thanks that I get to be the mom.

Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace,  who bring good tidings,  who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion,   “Your God reigns!”

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