Monday, May 2, 2011

My First Give Away Ever

This past month I have had the fun of working alongside these three musicians (Sarah Billings, Taylor Reavely and Emily Otteson) and helping with pulling a concert together. My part is very small, but an important one. Simply arranging for a venue and then helping get the word out.  Their part is huge. The weeks and months of writing music all come together in one lovely evening. Each musician working hard on their personal projects.  Each of these musicians are lovely people. Hardworking people. In college, holding down jobs, and serving God in ministries in both music and other areas.

So here is how this give away is going to work. Ideally I would love for each viewer of this blog to click on each musicians Facebook music page. "Like" their page and leave a kind comment.  Let them know that Elizabeth sent you to their page and introduce yourself and what part of the country you are from. Here is how you find them on facebook:
Taylor Reavely is @
Emily Otteson is @ Emily Otteson Music  
Sarah Billings is @

Also leave a comment here and let me you you have visited the musicians' pages.  On Friday I will choose a winner at random. My random may actually be a five year old looking at the comments and choosing one.  I will them ship any where in the U.S. A CD of each musician to your door step.

If you live in the area please note May 27th on your calendar and join the musicians for an Evening of Music and Poetry.  Details are on the picture above.  

I get all gooshy and gooey inside when I think of how God is using these young people and their gift of music to bless so many. Join in the fun in this being my first blog give away.

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