Thursday, May 5, 2011

Caught in My P.J.'s

Whew!  Just after lunch about now as I type.  Still in my pink jammies.  It was not suppose to be a jammy day on a Thursday. Those days typically come once in a while on a cozy rainy Saturday when we as a family have not one thing planned.  Today I had lots of plans.  None of which has come about.

I was just thinking that if I had not canceled a playdate last night I most likely would have ended up at her house, or the park in my pink jammies.

Last night I was really tired.  I am not even sure I remember any conversation with my husband as we drifted off to sleep. Typically we chat away about the day, but last night I think his words drifted into my sleep. It was the sunniest of days yesterday and most of the day was spent outside with the boys and everyone was tired.

This morning I pushed the limits on sleeping in. Forgetting that my husband had an early meeting, he was gone, and he is the one who will wake me up. No alarms of my husband and one sweet boy letting me know the time. Oops, run downstairs, line up the cereal bowls, get lunches made and I think if I just drive through car line and run back home I am good.  Not really. If you mother ever taught you to change your underwear incase you are an accident that is good advice.  But here is another tip...always get dressed, even if just throwing on leggings and a sweat shirt because you never know when your adult children will text you this "mom, call me I need a jump on your way back from dropping off the boys off at school."

It's just a jump, so I can do a small detour to his house, only to get there and the jump not work. Only to realize that he had plans downtown, and well I will be dropping him off at a coffee shop, so perhaps I can get a capachinno out of this deal, which I did. However traffic into town on this rainy morning was slow, and the barista even slower.  By the time I arrived home the phone rang, and I had a few calls to make and a five year old to play with, never making it upstairs until recently, still in my pink jammies.

If pink jammies were a fashion statement I would have made mine today.

Proverbs 31:22b "...her clothing is fine linen and purple.."

Dear Lord Jesus, will flannel and pink suffice for today?  Oh the joys of being a mother, having a sense of humor and looking good in pink, even if they are jammies.  Have you ever been caught in your jammies?


  1. "Have you ever been caught in your jammies?" I'm taking this as a rhetorical question for I bet your pink ones were awfully cute, though, Elizabeth. Did you get your son to get the coffee or did you show off your jammies? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Apparently the comment I just posted disappeared from view, so I'll say it again:

    I'm with Becky--I want to know too!
    "Did you get your son to get the coffee or did you show off your jammies?"

  3. I did not get out of the car. I had Emerson with me, and he had no shoes. It was just to be a quick trip. Next time I may be more bold. Love you gals.


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