Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Office Day

I would like to think that my "office" days were neatly organized with a clean desk and lists of things to complete.  There was a time, very long ago.  I dropped the kids off at school and then went into work. I chatted with my sales team, and then made the announcement that I would be working in my office. My assistant Margaret would have already put fresh flowers on my desk.  She would have a neat orderly pile of the things I would need to look over and another pile of all the new catalogs for me to sift through while chatting on the phone. ( I loved how she would dog-ear pages of her favorites)

Now my "office" days are mixed and mingled with whatever grabs my attention first.  No order what so ever.  Starting and stopping.  Emerson in the back round chatting away.  One day a week I tell Emerson that mommy is having an "office" day.  Taking time to write a longer email, read blogs, do some research, pay a few bills, and clean around my desk.  Today's office day has been a little exciting.  Even with lots of starting and stopping I get to be on the sidelines of watching my daughter launch her own business. (Emily Otteson Music)

My office day has been spent consulting her on getting set up and being legal.  Telling her how to set up her "books" so to speak so that if she was ever to be auditing all her paperwork is in order.  Setting up her systems so that David can come along and assist with tax season. She asked a really good question. "Why would you be audited?"  I said the IRS wants to make sure you are not hiding your earnings.  She asked "why can't you hide your earnings?"  I had this flashback of a young girl hiding her earnings in a secret place in her room so her brother would not find it. Even Eric will hide his money deep in his room, so not even I can find it if I looked.  Then her next question..."why would anyone want to hide their earnings?"

My first business I had was a hairbow business.  I would make hairbows and then sell them door to door.  Really, I would knock on doors with this cute little basket full of hairbows.  I was making a few hundred dollars a week. I asked my dad how much money do you have to make  before you should start paying the IRS. He asked me how much I was making. I told him and he said it's time to get set up. So my dad showed me how to get set up and there I learned the basics of running a small hairbow business. Much in the same way my dad showed me David an I  now show Emily.  I am blessed to be her manager on the music front and that she has asked me to be part of this.  Her passions are writing, music, and ministry and every good musician could use a manager, thus my assistance on this matter. Love it!!!

Up next on my "office" day getting the boys registered for various camps. Really excited that they are excited.  Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Love this, Elizabeth...this window into your life. Feel like I get to know you a bit better every post I read. :) You're an amazing woman and a wonderful mama. You straddle the world of being mama to young adults and little "sillies" with such grace. A beautiful role model, indeed. Hope we can meet face-to-face someday. :)


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