Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chicken Casserole Anyone?

 Ethan has run into the living room to cry, because I said he has to eat a serving of  this lovely dish for lunch.
 I hardly EVER make a dish like this. Chicken, celery, red peppers, onions, pasta, cheese..yummy!  But no, one look at this and my family is running for cover.
 Eric said he would eat it because I said he would not go to OMSI if he didn't.  I draw a hard bargain.  He also said that he likes all the things in it, but just not "mixed up and cooked together."  He ate the entire thing.
 This is what is left from the first dish. I actually made two of these. I was practicing for dinner guests in the future.  Inviting over larger families I like to practice a bigger meal first.  Well my husband, did eat some, but said "we would never serve this to dinner guests." I asked him why, and the look he gave me was one that did not require an answer.  People it was not that bad. Just ask Emerson.
At first Emerson grumbled because he is monkey see, monkey do with the older boys. Once he took a bite he ate it all with a smile and no complaints.  I cook basics.  Chicken, fish, a salad or steamed veggies and a side of pasta, potato or rice.  Everyone is happy, eats healthy and we go about our lives.  Heaven forbid I mix it up today. Literally!!!  What was a happy day turned into "the worst day of my life", from the boy who returned just moments before lunch sharing his wonderful adventures in golfing with Papa. Piffle on the worst day of your life.

I decided to throw my own fit.  I stood in the kitchen and whined that everyone is so unkind when mommy tried to cook something nice. I stomped my feet, waved my arms, and got a few good laughs. David suggested I freeze the other dish, but really if you were not so fond of it today, what makes you think six months later will make a difference. I have a friend coming later this afternoon. I shall donate the other to her, and she, I know, will wrap her arms around me and in her British accent thank me dearly. At least someone today will thank me.


  1. I am making something like this for dinner tonight. I only add the chicken though and leave all the vegetables on the side. I must admit to not liking much in my food, but individual is fine. Yours looks yummy so you can make it the next time I am at your home. Families are too funny!

  2. On a more positive note. I love what David said "your cooking is 95% right on." Love him!


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