Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

It seems I have been in a season of sending others off to the midnight Christmas Eve service.  A season of young children needing to settle into bed after a night of friends, family, lots of food, and ongoing activities.  I look forward to Christmas Eve every single year. Not always knowing who will gather around the dinner table, who may not have family close, and those who travel to come and spend an evening together.

Last night was a blessing.  Many different paths my sisters and I have taken. Often paths that we, as kids had no control over and yet family, finds it's way back on the same path.  There are five of us kids and we were all together minus the oldest.  With our spouses, our children gathering to share an evening of Christmas.

It was fun, active, and when the last guest left the older kids headed out to the late night service and David and I tucked our younger boys into bed.  They say every year that they will stay up to see Santa and every Christmas Eve, they are out cold within five minutes.  I long to travel late in the night to a Christmas Eve service.  Closing the evening out with worship and song. Instead I sit quiet in the living room, a few carols ringing in the back round and thank God for sending His son to be close to me, to my children, my family and a lost world.

One day, When the boys are older, they will will their matching sweaters, nice trousers and we will all enjoy an evening that ends with a Christmas Eve service. Until that time comes I am thankful for my own ponderings in my heart and the blessed baby Jesus. Merry Christmas.


  1. I am so glad you are smarter then I was when I had a little one ELizabeth. I would wonder why I could not make those wonderful last Christmas Eve services. Then one year it was just "okay" that I didn't. I now know it was the Lord telling me that the season I was in was one to enjoy and treasure. So for many years after that time, I enjoyed the being home just like you are. May the Lord continue to show you that you are right where HE needs you to be. Much love.

  2. I hear you... it's getting a bit easier to do some family things as the kids are growing older. I hope to one day have energy enough to do some of the extras with my kids that right now, allude us for various reasons. I pray you Christmas was all that you'd hoped for and more.



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