Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yesterday a sweet dear friend gave me this darling bag. She could not have known the kind of day I had been having. Or even the kind of month for that matter. I tried to distract myself with shopping. Only I am not such a big shopper. So earlier in the day I picked up some bright color shirts at Target for cheap. Orange. A nice fall color. A color I have NEVER in my life purchased. I have more pink hues in my skin color so have been told that orange is NOT my color.

Why this cute handbag meant something special to me. She notices and asked. She asked if I was okay. She notices that I have not been myself for several weeks. The one day I needed someone to ask and she asked. And followed up our conversation with blessing me with a bag that matched perfectly my new Orange shirt. Sometimes it is the very small stuff that blesses us in ways we did not expect.

I have had some female issues for several months now. None in which I have been vocal about. It's not like you want to share with your friends that well you know that time of the month is lasting weeks, and my headaches are intense, and I have no energy. I wake up and think "mind over body" I have kids to care for, a marriage to work on, and friends to enjoy. A few trial remedies have not helped so Monday was the day to begin the real testing of what is going on.

It does not matter right now what is going on with my body. I am way to casual about these kinds of things, and even my husband says I minimize. That is obvious as I am excited about a handbag. Which is darling don't you agree? And Orange does not look to bad on me after all. What do those fashion consultants know anyway.

I don't mask how I feel because I am in any kind of denial. I have always been a "mind over matter" kind of gal. My mind thinks...okay God...I need you today more than ever. Give me the strength, the smile, and the wisdom to enjoy what the day has to offer. Do not let how I feel physically hinder what my family will need from me today. And give me scripture that I can ponder in my heart today." That is my kind of mind over matter.

Yesterday I had to coach a soccer game, only hours after having a small procedure done for testing to see what might be going on. It was very painful, and when the Dr. said ten more seconds are left I could have sworn it took ten more minutes. My body was not well. I was week and still in a lot of pain, but kids need their coach to show up and I knew that "mind over matter" is always in my favor. Feeling terrible and not knowing that not only did my female parts cramp and ache I was walking around with an ear and sinus infection (later confirmed and put on meds. whoo thanks God)I had to get through the next three hours with 21 kids, their parents, and a soccer game.

Standing behind her car, and answering her questions as to why I might not have been myself 100% I opened up and shared some of the details. Sometimes, at just the right moment we need someone to just notice and then ask the question. I love her for doing that. I needed to process outward and was ready to.

Then to be blessed with a bright and cheery bag which matches my new shirt. I think God even knew what I would need. I am a handbag kind of person and God has shown up more than once in my life using a handbag to remind me of HIS blessings. I was not looking for a handbag on Monday. I was not looking for anything, but He in His wonderful way knew what would lift my spirits on a day when I physically feel like crap. The handbag was the cherry on the cupcake of friendships. Thanks Katherine, you are a sweetheart. And see, I was not kidding when I said this will match my new shirt perfectly.

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  1. I have loved visiting with you today at your blog... and who says that orange isn't your color? Sometimes, we need that one friend to ask the question, do we not? Better yet, to respond to a need without asking, whether it be a meal, a new purse, an unplanned expedition with our kids! Elizabeth, I hope that you are taking good care of yourself all around. I'd love to have that chat this week sometime, as I'm feeling more on even ground. We live so far apart, yet our hearts are tethered together because of Jesus and his witness in us.

    You are a rare gem of grace, and I count it a joy to have you on my side in this season.



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