Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Day of Summer

Today I updated my Facebook status which said something like this..."one riding a bike, one playing her violin, one playing a game on phone, one playing a guitar, and one playing bionicles...and one mama sipping ice water." Do you have days like today?

We each have our way of winding down, relaxing, what we do when we are alone moments and for a family this size, as I sipped on some ice water while sitting in the sun I was smiling. The violin and guitar did not conflict, the little one riding his bike was enjoying having the open road to himself , the bionicle boy was really excited to finally decide to take apart his larger than life bionicle he got for Christmas and the joy when a big brother passes you his Iphone to play games on.

The lazy day of summer ended with a big water fight. Emily was out watering the garden. I gathered the boys and filled empty containers I had been saving all year for moments like this. The boys attacked her with water and she, holding all the power, got them back, and even refueled them with water. The laughing the squealing and then mom (that would be me) delivering fruity Popsicles. The perfect finish to a water fight on a hot summer day.

All summer long I make plans for outing, for adventures and today there was no plan for anything. No chores, no dishes, nothing except what we all felt like doing, and we all did. Even dinner was a treat. Banana, pineapple, strawberry smoothies. I am not sure how well this will hold through the night, but they all drank as much as they could hold.

It is so simple on some days. Even a difficult conversation was so blessed as I unraveled some of the mysteries God is revealing to me to a local pastor here in town. He did not know how God spoke to me this past weekend, and he then spoke the same words. Words of hope and encouragement. I am a pretty easy going person. I don't get to hyped up about the ups and downs of life. It bothers some and it is okay. We have have different scopes in how we view life. I just look at today, like most days and thank God for simple and easy. I needed that today and wish I had my camera and could take a snapshot of everyone today doing their thing.

Thanks God for five kids who are all pretty amazing. A home that we can each find a corner to relax and have our own time, and then come together to enjoy each other with fun. We are a blessed family, and we see Your presence in every corner of our hearts and home.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth - I am reminded that when we know Who holds our future... and our present and past, then we have nothing to fear or fret. You are an example to me of someone who knows her Father very well and has learned to trust Him because you have been privy to His faithfulness... over and over, again.

    Much love and prayers, dear sister.


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