Saturday, August 21, 2010

I wish I had my camera. I wish I could knock out a few pictures of the lovelies I was with last night. Facebook is not a curse, not an addiction, not a black hole of lost time. I think like anything else in this world, when something has control over us, than yes it can be a problem, but Facebook has linked friendships from the past.

Last night I was with three lovley ladies. Time, life and circumstances have not sucked away their beauty, their spirits and the hearts that connected us over 30 years ago. I love friendships that don't have this awkward catching up, living in the past, nothing more to build on that what was, or has been. This is our second year in a row of getting together and as I sit and listen I realize how very blessed to know such amazing women. Those who have had friendships for over 30 years know what I am talking about. I have said this before and I will say it again. I don't think we ever see the aging we have done. I still see those young faces of youth in each of these ladies. Why is that?

Do we wake up one day, wheel our chairs up to each other, and say..."wow you have not changed one bit?" I am not sure how aging works, but so far it has not touched me or any of these lovely ladies.


  1. I have one friend like this Elizabeth. When growing up in a small town, not lots of people to have such close relationships with. Our emails are like we never stopped seeing each other. May the Lord always place such wonderful people in our lives to warm our hearts. Take Care. I also love all the hair in the picture. That might be something I do need to forget.

  2. i think it is because we see the heart, not the face or the wrinkles.


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