Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a Gift

I have had 22 years of being a mom. This afternoon my son called as he is rolling away in his red car to travel back home after four years of college in Florida. We chit chatted about his life and this next season for him. He embraced me as a mother and said that my gift is mothering. He rolled out years of being his mother as a blessing to the development of his life.

My gift is mothering? Really? This is a hard job. Many challenges to sort out each day. Much giving up of one's self on a moment to moment basis. Many of you who read this know exactly what I am talking about. I think being a mother is a gift we give our children when we intentionally seek out how to do this job well. Most would say it is completely on the job training. Then after a few more kids you get the hang of systems and routines that work, and the results are favorable.

We all have special things that we shine at. And then there are things we stink at. For example my friends are ALWAYS surprised when I tell them I stink at scrap booking, and I stink at floral arranging. Being industrious and creative it is hard for me to make this information public. I was an interior designer for years, and crafty is my middle name, but those two things have haunted me and I have tried to be good at those things but sadly am not. that is something I love, and when my son used the word "gift" i had to think about that.

A gift, something we are really good at is usually a God given gift. I never really had formal designer school training, My gift with color, balance, and coordinating stuff comes easy and I have been told it's a gift. I believe that. Is mothering a gift too? Yes, it is just that. As women that curse of a monthly visitor reminds us that we are born to breed and mother children. Many postpone that stage of life, some jump in early as a mother, but the reality is that God designed us to mother. It's not a lottery of what women might be born with a reproductive system. Sadly some have had the loss of a baby, or have not been able to have a baby and long to do so. For those my heart is sad.

Happy Mother 's Day to each and every mother, mother to be, and mother of an angel baby. It is a gift as my son has said and I am blessed every single day to be mother to my children. It is an amazing gift that God had given to us. Blessings.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Elizabeth!

    Her children arise and call her blessed...

  2. Very nice post, Elizabeth! Very well written, and it's meaning and significance is deep and so true!

    I'm just starting to catch up on my blog world, now that we are pretty much settled into life in Texas. We have found a good church and a house to lease until our house in Beaverton sells.

  3. Elizabeth, I just finished reading through the latest happenings in your life and must say, I am truly shocked! You are an amazing person--so obviously one whom God has moved into! I always enjoyed your presence in my life, and now really miss that! I'm so thankful for the little time I spent with you, but no regret it wasn't much more! May God always be the mainstay of your life and continue to use you to bless others!

  4. Elizabeth, I just finished reading through the latest happenings in your life, and am thoroughly shocked! You are a truly amazing person, and one whom God has obviously moved into. I've always enjoyed your presence in my life, but now I find that I regret not spending much more time with you. I pray that you will always be saturated with God's chronic presence in your life, and that He will continue to use you to richly bless the lives of others. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  5. Oops! I thought my latest comment didn't post, so I wrote it again, but then after I reposted, the first one showed up along with the re-write! Oh well--just consider the second one to be a double-confirmation that I meant what I said the first time!

  6. Greetings from South Africa -
    And from one mom to another.
    My 4 are all grown up now though but you never stop being a mom, do you?

    I have learnt to restrain myself from asking my 40 something year old kids if they need a jersey, and stuff like that.
    Or anyway, I'm getting better at it :-)

    Funny how we try to get better at our weaknesses instead of focussing on our strengths isn't it?

    All the best . .

  7. Quite an honor that your son would tell you you have the gift of mothering. You must be very proud.


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