Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wake Up and Repeat

I was sitting and sipping my coffee this morning in somewhat of a controlled environment. Boys glued to Saturday morning TV, David and Emily still snoozing, and Eddie in a time-out for going potty on the floor (thank God for hardwood floors)

I took out some cookbooks and began to look over recipes's for Easter Breakfast. Tears began to surface as I sat and read the recipe's of many, many, many years past. I actually looked to see the date this cookbook came out (1992). In 1992 I only had two children. They were both 3 & 5 and life was getting so easy with little people getting bigger. I purchased this cook book 18 Easter's ago. It was a gift to myself. "The Summer Cookbook" by Susan Branch. It was a time of motherhood when the kids were no longer in high need of me and I decided to make an Easter brunch. Now sitting this morning I pull out this cookbook, the very same one and began to look at recipe's for Easter breakfast.

The boys are now at an age where taking the time to dedicate to a delicate recipe is available. I often say my life is like that movie "Ground Hog Day". Wake up and repeat. Raising kids is a wake up and repeat kind of life. This morning, realizing that once again it is the same wake up and repeat eighteen years later just brings me emotions to the surface because I really do embrace and love that I get those wake up and repeat days. I learn more that I am a creature of habit, otherwise those wake up and repeat days would not look and feel so familiar.

I am excited to be making the following:
Potato Pie
Crab Cakes
Blueberry Bread Pudding

And a few other extra's. Thanks Lord Jesus that each year at this time we can ponder the life you lived, walking this earth and then dying for this sinful world. Your life was not a wake up and repeat kind of life. You lived out your call from God and now you watch as our lives unfold with service and love to you the Holy One. Thanks that each year we recognize You. So as I wake up and repeat Easter may it be a day not just of yummy treats and breakfast, but a reminder of your Grand Resurection!!!


  1. This was a short and simple post, but beautiful in a way only a mom can appreciate. I love those wake up and repeat days! I don't ever want them to end!

  2. I've been at a very emotional place in my journey as of late. I've been going through boxes in the attic, pitching and sorting and repacking for our upcoming move in June. The tears have been ample as the memories come crashing in around me! Good tears, but ones that force the reality that time is marching on fast and furious and without warning.

    Blessed Easter walk to you and yours. Mine are on spring break this week... if you're up for cooking for a few more, let me know. I think if we start now, we can make it there by Wednesday morning!


  3. What an amazing memory... 1992... wasn't that just yesterday? Thank God for do-overs!


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