Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It is Spring Break around here and it is going way to fast. It is weeks like this that I truly wish I was a home school kind of mom. I love having my boys home. We enjoy various little events around the house and out and about. This was a good week for a new puppy. Everyone has bonded with him. I am particularly fond of him. I never knew I could be such a little doggie lover. I have always had big labs, and now I see why these little dogs are so popular. As you can tell from the picture we have already taught him to stay. So there he sits on his mat while I take his picture.

We also spent the day at the beach. Beautiful weather and boys who could not get enough ocean, sand or sunshine. It's a short week, even if it is seven days. I love that we can just get in the car and go. We went to the beach yesterday and today spent the afternoon at the park. I took them on a long hike and realized this will be the first summer of all big boys. No strollers, no extra bags, just the boys, a mom, and a new dog. Life is so fun with the spirit of adventure my family has.


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying Spring Break. I hear you about home schooling. I never try it because I am afraid we would do fun things like in the summer and skip the regular sit down work.

  2. I really like that first photo there!


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