Thursday, April 8, 2010

Embracing Some of Life

Precious and few are the moments we two can share........lyrics to a song of the past. I have had this song humming through my brain all morning. It started with a simple "I always have time to kiss mommy because I have a loaded kissing machine." This came from Eric just before he hopped out of the car and into the school building. I realize I have had the wonderful blessing of many children and there are days when I would pay big bucks to have some of me time for a long time. The time goes quickly. Ain't that what your mama use to say? I have the experience of time as I have two now in their 20's and guess what my mama was right. That time did go quickly and now I have those precious times with the younger boys.

Later in the morning Emerson and I had a screaming contest into a used up juice bottle. Try it. Wrap your lips inside the opening and then scream as loud as you want. We were busting up laughing at each other and then he screams into the bottle those three precious words..."I LOVE YOU" and then I screamed them back at him, through the bottle which is a very quiet muted sound. I could probably bottle this idea and make millions. The screaming bottle.

My last post was about waking up and repeating and I get teased by family and friends over the name of my blog "elizabeth embracing life" however it is very true. I do embrace these times, these special little moments. I am so thankful that my life is not so fast-tracked that I truly can sit in a car for 15 minutes and bust a gut over screaming into a bottle with a four year old.

It's not just the moments with children. I write often of my children in that I am wrapped in this season of lots of little sillies. It's the precious and few times we have with anyone of importance in life. I sat across the table last night with some people that those moments have not been there and I am going to make it a priority to have me some precious moments with these people even in the "few" times we may be together. Embrace those times, listen, ask questions and embrace life with those special people in your life.

p.s. in the time of writing this post my poor little dog has been in a battle with a sweatshirt, and last I looked the sweatshirt is winning. I think the hood and arms makes him think it's a real person he is battling. So funny!!!

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  1. I love hearing about a home full of laughter and joy. Not a perfect home, but pretty darn close. May your day be filled with more blessings then you can even imagine.


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