Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Misfiled Information

Today I had one of those moments of dejavue. It stopped me and took my breath away. After this moment passed I just went through all the details and got chills over how dreams, visions, and reviews in our brain work.

Two years ago I had a dream. It was no-nonsense kind stuff, which are often my dreams. In this particular dream I was using an oversized spoon and scooping chocolate into the hands of my boys. The bowl was big and blue. The boys were much older. When I woke up, I thought how detailed and randon the dream was. I actually tried to analyze the dream. "Oversized Spoon" "Oversized Blue Bowl" "Scooping chocolate" and so on. I could not make sense of such randomness until today.

Today I was scooping chocolate into little baggies for an event my company is putting on this weekend. I filled an oversized bowl full of this chocolate. Guess what color the bowl is? A bowl I have only had about a year. I was used a large serving spoon to get the right amount into each bag. The boys came in from playing outside and wanted some of the chocolate. I did not want them putting their little boy grubby hands in the bowl, so I told them to hold out their hands and I would scoop some into their hands. Then I froze. I sat there and was like WHOA!!!! Been here and done that, but in a dream. Holding the large spoon and looking at this big blue bowl gave me the chills.

Today in the car Emily made a statement that physical science does not explain our capacities for cognitive thinking. I share with her my story and she and I chit chatted back and forth how God designed us. And then it hit me. I can now explain this dream from two years ago.

God is perfect. His plan for me is perfect and in that perfect plan He has I often choose to change some of the plans He has for me. So as He lays out my plan, looks over it He smiles when He can see some of the good things being plucked into my life by my own hands which are part of HIS plan. I think in 2008 something in heaven was going on like this:

God: Oh yes, yep, yep....Elizabeth is going to be making some decisions that are going to be good.

Angel: I don't know God, you know Elizabeth she is here and there and everywhere we should just put this one on hold.

God: (looking over at the angel with one eyebrow raised)Do you not remember who I am. I created her, she does get to make her own choices, but when she is walking with Me, and doing things to build my Kingdom this is the path she will be on. Lets go and file this one in 2010, this is my plan for her.

Angel: Of course God, you are always right about these things. I will file this moment on .....what day and time did you say....?

God: March 3, 2010 at 2:20pm.

Angel: Filed!!!!

God: Now, I know sometimes you get years mixed up, are you sure you filed that in 2010 not 2008.

Angel: Okay checking right now....oops sorry I did file that one in 2008. Do you think she noticed, or was confused for a moment.

God: No, she is sleeping, it will have just jumped into her dreams for that moment and she will know in 2010 when she experiences this what that dream was about. No worries angel. Now go and practice filing with the past to sharpen up. Elizabeth is going to keep you busy these next few years.

God is so amazing and who can really know how these things happen. I have had many dreams in my life time that came years before the event, and sometimes even days. So now we know that some of those angels are doing some misfiling of information and plans that God has laid out. Happy Day


  1. I hope you didn't mind my sharing my slant on your dream.

  2. That was amazing. Just shows how God had it planned all along, perfectly.


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