Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pressing In Closer

I got a call two weeks ago from a stranger. I get many calls like that, for information on upcoming concerts. It's no big deal, just a call asking specific questions on the events we put on and the call ends. This call, two weeks ago, was different and I can not put my finger on it, except for the simple fact of the Holy Spirit's prompting.

The gal on the other end of the phone asked the same questions...can I bring guests? How many? Does it cost anything? I gave her the answers and then I asked her name and she told me. I then said "Carrie will you please find me the night of the concert. It's pretty crazy as I work behind the scenes to make things happen, but please find me." It was the first time I was so specific with a stranger. It is crazy busy at these events and to ask a stranger to find me is not me at all. I got people to manage, an event to put on, and things need to keep moving forward.

She found me last night. A gal in her late 20's. She introduced me to her partner and two other friends. She told me that the place looked amazing and she was excited to be here. I hugged her and thanked her for coming and bringing her friends. Later in the concert Emily was singing a song she had written a couple of years back. The words are asking if you know what you believe, do you know God is real, the words in the song speak about seeing the face of Jesus. I found Carrie in the crowd and saw tears coming down her cheeks.

She found her way into our concert from a flyer placed at a coffee shop. Later while in the back room getting things put away a friend came in and I shared with her what I knew of Carrie. She said, I know exactly who she is. My friend said that she felt God placing on her heart to get to know her too. I just looked at my friend and started weeping. God is pursuing this young woman. He is putting people in her path, me, my friend, and the words of a song that have reached into her heart.

As the evening was closing down, Carrie came over to say good bye. She introduced me to everyone again and they introduced all their children. Each one of these ladies sponsored a child. They told me that they all had new families. God is pursuing her and He orchestrated her life into mine and into this concert.

These concerts have many things to accomplish for a mission. Many specifics. Each time I have to share with the leaders of these missions that we are going to do our best to make things happen to meet your specific goals. But I always have to state that my prayer is that people are brought to Christ through one of these concerts. For Carrie, she got to be loved on by people who love Jesus and I pray for her life that she would understand that God is pressing in closer and closer.


  1. How I wish Wyatt and I could have been there last night Elizabeth. What an amazing evening! Just gives me chills to even read about how amazing our Lord is. May all of these events continue to bring people in so they may see His glory. Take Care.

  2. God goes to great lengths to get his story into the hearts and lives of others. How grateful I am for the gift of sacred participation--being allowed some small measure of influence in the process.

    You are simply the best, my friend. Keep to it.



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