Monday, February 15, 2010

Working My Day Out As A Mother

And now that you are in this season or moment of life, here is book number 24,538,958,674. Wouldn't it be nice if part of being born was a library of hope, of direction, and of a daily guide on what to do next? Today I would like to go over to that library and pull out the next book. Sadly it does not exist.

Now I do go to a book that is pretty clear about life, liberty, and justice for all. I just finished up a little quiet time of prayer and being in the Word. And there are some days when I smile at God and say..."is this all I get?" Is this the words of hope, of direction, is this my guide for this season or moment?

I have been to bed a few nights in a row later than usual and with some sick kids a few night wakings which never fair well for me. No matter how tired I am, if I have slept a good 3-5 hours my body clocks it as a nice nap and I can not get back to sleep. Which turns out well for me in that I can have a few hours of quiet, prayer, and time in the Word. I always come away blessed and refueled.

Today is not one of those days. I was up in the middle of the night, although David took care of the sick child I just tried to get back to sleep. Today there is much going on inside my head, I am tired, and I have few temperments that are less than desirable and this is all I get for today.

Proverbs 15....vs.1"a gentle answer turns away wrath." vs.2"the tongue of the wise commands knowledge." vs.13" a happy heart makes the face cheerful." vs.14 "the discerning heart seeks knowledge." vs.30 "a cheeful look brings joy to the heart. And good news brings health to the bones".

These passages are about as good as it gets for mothering kind of directions. My kids are home, they are getting in each other's space, forgetting some manners, and even talking to much while others try to listen to the Olympics. I am tired and worn out and am seeking some confidence in my parenting and here is what I get. Words from the best and only book I know of. My shelves are full of wonderful books, but in the moment when I am desparate for a reminder of my actions I get this in this moment.

Thanks God for your Word and the timing of a passages much needed for today's work. You give me the confidence through your word to work yet another day out as a mother. Loving You Jesus.


  1. I read the same verse yesterday Elizabeth and had the same thoughts. I am glad that the Lord prompted you to write this small glimpse into your day. May we all remember that each day is a gift even when it doesn't feel that way. Thank you my friend.

  2. Beautiful post, Elizabeth. I've been praying about parenting a lot lately and have gotten the same verses. Perfect words for a weary mom.

  3. I've had a lot of days as of late like this one, but my sleeplessness has not come from sick children but rather from outside sources seeking to beat me down. Both my husband and I are exhausted, but we're clinging to the One who can walk us through it.

    His Word is LIFE, no matter the amount or how seemingly insignificant it proffers at the time. It's always doing something in us as we are faithful to take it in. I, too, am thankful for the Word's sustaining power, especially in times of chaos and confusion.



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