Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Mother's Heart

Oh dear me I guess it should be said
A mother’s heart will often be misled.

The younger child stands so precious and cute.
The middle child caught while in hot pursuit.

The older child grins and says nothing on the matter.
Just stood there and laughed as he witnessed the clatter.

A mother walks in and asses the damage.
Younger child just smiles holding the evidence of rampage.

Middle child attempts to cut younger off at the pass.
Older child knows better to reach for a grasp.

Younger says “he did it, and HE is to blame.”
Middle says” NO I will not go up in flames.”
Older says nothing and still he just grins.

And then with a turn mother looks to the older
He is wiser, and smarter and so much bolder.

In his boldness and silence and the grin on his face.
This mother is not misled to the events in this place.

It was the oldest who started the march into trouble
The youngest grabbed the evidence to run and tell mother.
The middle saw danger and his pursuit was to save.
The boxes all fell over like a big tidle wave.

Oh dear me I guess it should be said.
A mother’s heart is never mislead.


  1. The mysteries of motherhood! Fun photo and adorable poem!

  2. I love that picture. Sweet poem.

  3. Love the poem and the pic!

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