Monday, January 11, 2010

Reflecting 2009

It's about halfway through the first month of 2010. I was sitting and reflecting on 2009 and felt HUGELY overwhelmed with the continued blessings in our family. I don't know if my brain forgets the hard, or buries the hard, or perhaps I am in complete denial. I do not have these thoughts of "so glad that year is over." I look at my husband, my children and my own life and smile looking back on 2009. So here are many reasons I am so thankful for 2009.

1. My husband is not just employed, but he loves his work and the people he works with.

2. My husband embraces my job as a stay home mom and takes good care of our family to keep me staying home.

3. Our saving grew a little, even with the purchase of our home.

4. All of my children love God and acknowledge His presence into each of their lives.

5. I had fewer days of migraines. Can count on hands only of how many I had in 2009 which is truly a blessing that I am more skilled in reading labels than ever.

6. All of my children are doing well. Academics and music are important in our family and they are all using those gifts that God has given them.

7. We have so much fun together and laugh a lot. Even if there is gloom lingering we can find the joy.

8. Ethan is singled out because of his handicap. He is excelling HUGELY in a regular hearing private school. No specialists, no special care, just a normal kid who is doing so well in school. If you had told me this five years ago I would not have believed it.

9. The thrill of semi working on I say semi in that it is work I can do around the schedules of my family. I am keeping my brain working on something else which I personally need.

10. We have a terrific church.

So those are only ten of many, but it makes for an exciting 2010 to go into. Yes life has it's moments, like as I type this I don' feel so good, but in the big picture I can look back and be grateful for a good year, and look forward to seeing how God continues to show up and work in the hearts of the 70 toes and 70 fingers in our family.


  1. Elizabeth, you are indeed blessed. But you overlooked one very important thing. YOU are a blessing to many, many moms in the blogsphere with your faith-filled, inspiring posts. I know you have written just what I need to read on so many occassions. I am blessed to have you as a bloggy buddy.

  2. Great list! Happy 2010, my friend!

  3. Hindsight is a good teacher. It strengthens our faith and buoys our belief that the same God who showed up last year... last week, is the same One who will show up this year.


  4. So wonderful that you can look back on your year and see all the good stuff. So many look back to see how horrible life was. I for one try to see the good and what I was supposed to learn. I am so blessed to read your blogs Elizabeth. May you feel better when you write the next one.

  5. Great way to wrap up the year. I especially liked hearing about your son Ethan and how well he is doing in his school. It makes life so much easier on kids if their school life is pleasant.

    May 2010 bring you many more blessings.


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