Friday, December 4, 2009

God Honored

It has been an exciting week around here. We are two days post the Benefit Concert and I can't even begin to express the gratitude of so many who volunteered to help make this event God Honored!!!!

The night before the concert I felt like I was a ten year old kid going to Disneyland for the first time. You lay in bed, you can't sleep, and you think of all the wonderful things that are going to happen. Well that is pretty much how I did not sleep. I tossed and turned and then went downstairs to pray. I know it seems selfish to pray over myself, but I did. Weeks of praying over the details of the event and I decided I needed to pray over myself.

I am am perfectionist, and some would say controlling when it comes to projects with my name on it. I prayed that I would not be moved if ANYTHING was not turning out, or going well. I prayed that I would relax and embrace those around me who are passionate about serving Jesus. I am looked upon as the fearless leader and believe it or not there is much responsibility that comes with that. It's easy to tense up and fake a smile in the midst of a problem, or an unknown that makes itself known in the last minute. Everyone looks to me, my reactions, my responses, so my prayer was simply to be who Jesus would be, and retreat to the guidance of His Word.

I was reminded of two verses and I admit I am paraphrasing as my Bible is not close.

Titus 3:2 be peaceful and considerate, and to show true humility towards all men.

Romans 12:10...honor one another above yourselves.

These verses give me confidence to truly work alongside others, to lead with the confidence that God is going to help me to be mindful of these things in words and actions.

The evening opened up, guests filled the room, testimonies were shared, music blessed and thus music.passion.hope has hosted it's first benefit concert. The next day was followed by emails and FB messages of just how blessed people were. I have never hosted a benefit concert and so there will be much room for growth. I was blessed by an email from the host of this event letting me know her family was blessed and God was Honored.

In the excitement of a moment do we think of others? It's not easy to remember, but here's the thing. The evening before the concert we realized that our sound system had fallen through. I called the young man in charge to encourage him and allow him to release his own anxieties about the fact that we did not have a system in place. I was not worried. I told him that I heard Keith Green pound a piano in a field with no sound system and hearts were blessed. Emily assured me that she could sing and play unplugged and in the 12th hour I was not worried.

I show up later the next day to a complete sound system that, through a series of events it was MEANT to be there. Even the musician who helped select the sound system was there to put it all together and our sound was AMAZING!!!! It made me also think of that 12th hour kind of faith. Is God honored in all things? Are we honoring others above ourselves? Are we being peaceful and considerate?

It does not come easy for me, thus my middle of the night prayers and God specifically saying Elizabeth, read these verses. Almost as if to really be saying..."read these verses Elizabeth, I know you, and I know your desire to serve me, but sometimes life has some unknowns that will rattle my lovely perfectionist daughter whom I created. So these verses are your chill-pills Elizabeth.

Thanks Lord Jesus, for how you do some of your best work in our hearts in that 12th hour. Thanks for an amazing night of bringing glory and honor to you. Thanks for the awareness of the needs for support for Uganda, and for those who generously gave their time, their gifts, their blessings, and their money. I pray that you felt the Honor of those who love you in the house!!!


  1. Wyatt and I had an amazing time that evening. Thank you so much for inviting us to come along on this new journey. May your weekend be one of rest. Much love.

  2. Oh, what the Lord would do through us if we would pray for ourselves a little...

    Congrats on the a dream come true.


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