Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hiya Hiya....God Honored

JZEI Benefit Concert for Uganda from Luminescent Images on Vimeo.

I have talked about this new ministry venture which I have started ( I have tried to give you a scope of this organization and today this video was emailed me to me. I sat and truly wept. I emailed my partner and said that I wept to know that God is using us. That when we are truly seeking to serve Him, to bring others into His Kingdom, He is going to use us with the passions and gifts He gave us. This is a clip from the Benefit Concert Kathleen my partner and I put on. It was truly to Honor God and in just this short clip I pray you get more than a glimpse of who He really is through the gifts and talents of these musicians and through the speakers.


  1. Please stop by Shore's End when you can, for an important prayer request.

  2. Now, if I'm correct, that was Emily at the beginning; if so, stunning voice and presence. I had no idea the scope of this concert. Oh my... blessings all around. Whoever made the video did a fantastic job! I'm so very impressed with everyone. Thanks for allowing me this window into a special evening.


  3. Congratulations. This video clip was beautiful. What a pretty voice.


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