Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

Our Thanksgiving started off with an amazing concert at our church. The boys could not be any happier than to have front row seats with a clear view of the drums. What a blessing to be part of a church that embraces music as our family does. I love the video of Emily singing and then catching Ethan watching on. Ethan is our little drummer boy. We are past the stage of cringing when he would practice. He will watch Brook or Ryan, the drummers at church, and then go home to his own set to practice. During the service Ethan asked me if I could record the guys drumming so he could learn how to play like that. So this is what we have...amazing drumming that Ethan watches and gets to learn from. I know I have said this hundreds of times, Ethan is deaf with Cochlear Implants. Having lived his first three years of no hearing and then another two years of learning to hear,speak, and make sense of a hearing world I stand in awe of Ethan's modern day miracle of cochlear implants. Thankful that God brought the right people in my path to introduce our family to this option for Ethan. So enjoy this next clip.

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