Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Elliot

Can someone please pinch me. Really this kid is 22 years old today. I am not old enough. I was a young mom, in my early 20's but with a three year old napping in the next room it's very hard to believe that Elliot is now 22.

I have the joy, the blessing, and the fun of growing up one of my five children. Today he called to plan his trip home for Christmas, so much a young man that I have to laugh. Laugh because he is an adult who is so responsible. I was told a few weeks back by one of our pastors something like this..."Elizabeth you have some amazing kids"...I said..."well it's really all God I can give credit to" and his response was ..."yes but there was a mom in that house"...and I smiled. A mom that God chose to raise up this one. I may have been chosen to be in that house, but in God's pursuit of this young man's heart, he chose God back. Mom's don't have much say in that response except to pray for our children.

In my prayers I prayed that Elliot, my first child would love God first, love people right where they were at, and love music. All three prayers answered. Mother's pray specifically for your children. Pray every day. The days may seem long when they are young, but the weeks go by fast and next thing you know you are blogging that you can't possibly have a twenty two year old son.

Elliot if you read this, you know I have said hundreds of times how much your life has blessed me. You were the training ground for my first time mommy experience and now your brothers and sister reap what you taught me first. How to be patient, how to listen, and how to never forget to sing three songs before bed, and pray with you. Those were important to you, and now are as important to each of the other kids.

Happy Birthday Elliot!!!!


  1. Oh, happy birthing day to you! You reap what you sow... and look at your harvest... Wow! You go girl... You go with God!

  2. Everyday I pray for my kids; that all of them would love God first and walk in their callings early on in life--to know what they want to be and to do and to start enjoying that doing at a young age... unlike their momma. I've grown up with my older two boys as well.

    Tell Emily I'm sorry I can't be there to hear her. Maybe you could video some of it for the blog. OK?

    PS: Your son is just as cute as can be.

  3. Elizabeth- thanks for the important reminder to pray for our kids!! It seems so obvious- but the days seem to fly by and, like you said- it is just so important to pray, specifically, for each of our children. Your sons life seems to be such a beautiful tribute to how you chose to mother him. Wonderful!

  4. Happy Birthday Elliot! I know wha tyou mean about hard to believe, my oldest is almost 21 and I have a baby sleeping in the next room, lol.


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