Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do you Like to Hop Like a Frog

I have learned in one morning the divine wisdom of a boy/girl relationships. I have seen it bud from the start and watched it progress in less than 45 minutes. I shall be writing books on this and become famous. Lord knows thousands of book have already been written on the subject of romance, and they keep coming out each year because no one ever seems to get it. Well my friends I watched, I learned and now I shall impart such wisdom.

He noticed her from across the room. He watched her. He then sought outside council.
"She has a happy face mommy, do you think I should talk to her?"

He did not need to wait for an answer as his instincts already overpowered his need for an answer. He slowly moved into her space. There they both sat on their own little logs of budding friendship. She with her pony tail, bright smile and dimples. He with is carefree and uninhibited spirit. He smiled at her, and she giggled and smiled back. He asked her her name, she asked him his name. Together they sat on their separate logs and exchanged important information. Name, age, and then interests. He asked her if she like to jump like a frog. She said yes, but she was not very good at jumping. He offered to show her and together they hopped from log to log. He asked her if she wanted to climb, which would take some work, onto the biggest turned over log. She said yes, but she would need some help so he helped her. she accepted his hand as he pulled her up.

They sat together now on the same log and he told her she was beautiful. She looked over at her mother and smiled and she slightly turned her head back to him and said thank you, so are you. He then asked if she was afraid of beavers. She said yes, and he said come with me and I will protect you. She followed him to safety on top of a bridge. They both hung over the bridge to make sure it was safe. She said it was safe and they should go under the bridge and he followed her giggling sounds under the bridge.

Together they laughed, together they asked questions. Taking turns to listen to the other. Taking turns to lead each other to safety. She told him he was brave and his little chest swelled. He told her that she could cry if she wanted because sometimes beavers can be scary. She did not cry that day.

Another boy approached, and this young man with his new beautiful friend introduced her. He said this my beautiful friend and again the girl looked at her mother. He invited the other little boy to join them. This new person was a bit rough. As a matter of fact called the sweet little girl a name. Her 45 minute old friend stood up for her. He said to the other boy that you don't talk to my friend like that. The other little boy looked at the girl and said he was sorry and then together the three played. He expected an outsider to treat his friend with respect.

Is this really how it should be? Do two three years old get it? I watched this scene play itself out and it dawned on me that single people really could learn some important lessons from a couple of three years old. The mother of this little girl was just as amazed as I was to see this scene play out. Each never having been coached on friendships other than the parenting role we all play.

Emerson was a friend, asked questions, got to know her, liked what he saw and continued to pursue little Grace. Grace in return was polite, secure enough to know she needed help and could accept the assistance of a young man. I am certain she had not one thought of marriage at this moment. She could extend her little hand for help. She could be a girl, but she could also express her own ideas and Emerson listened. He told her she was beautiful and she accepted the compliment. He could say that because he was not trying to impress or marry this girl he just spoke from his heart.

It was precious, innocent and sweet. What would happen if a young man just walked up to a young woman and expressed an interest to get to know, ask questions, play together, invite others into play and respect the heart of the other. It was that easy.

So there I have imparted such wisdom played out by three years old. Go now to that young lady and ask if she likes to hop or if she is afraid of beavers.


  1. Funny how we say guys need to grow up and girls need to relax. In some respects that's true, but it's not the remedy. We know too much for our own good. Because of both our curiosity and nervousness, we read, hear, watch and take in so much information that we've become even more confused, nervous and frustrated. There is too much seriousness and pressure on both sides from the first introduction. Let's have a call back to innocence.

  2. It should be that simple, shouldn't it? So sweet.

    Thank you for visiting me! I thought I was following you, so now I am. :o)

  3. Did this happen to be at WaSquare? Bridges and logs...
    Such sweet insights kids give us!

  4. Ahhhh, how serene to just be--without expectations. No need to impress...

  5. Oh, Elizabeth, I LOVE IT!! That is the CUTEST little scenario ever! (I'm thinking your little man is learning some great lessons from his Mommy & Daddy) ;)

    I was SO GLAD to see that you'd left a comment recently. (Sorry I'm so late responding, I'm struggling as I try to post regularly) O:)

    Anyway, I thought I was "following" you already, but realized when I came over tonight that I wasn't. So now I can better keep up with you! ☺

    On another note.. I'm doing a giveaway on October 28 and wanted to invite you over to get your name in the hat if you want. The giveaway will be to celebrate the life of our son in Heaven. It really seems to help me keep my spirits up if I'm keeping busy and there are few things Brent loved more than giving gifts. There is no better way to celebrate him! ☺

    I hope all is well with you.. take care, my Friend!


  6. Darling! If we could only all be so instinctive!

  7. Precious beyond words. Yes, this would be a good lesson for all courtin' couples, especially the part about the boy being the pursuer! Have mercy... women are a deadly bunch these days.



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