Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coincidence's of His Blessings

I host a book club at my house every Tuesday evening. My living room is packed out with about 15 women who amaze me more each week. We are studying a book called "A Shepherd's look at Psalm 23".

This past week we decided to have a sit down dinner for our next meeting time. I love hosting just about anything. I love the planning, the preparing and I love setting a table. I thought it would be fun to buy 15 little lambs to place at each setting. I wandered through a few local stores and found nothing. Apparently it is not lamby season. I went to the Dollar store and found some scary eyed looking lambs and decided that this was just not going to happen.

Friday I morning I sat in the car after dropping the boys off at school. I prayed that I would find lambs, at a reasonable price, somewhere. Emerson and I went about our errands. On our way home we stopped at a garage sale just a few blocks from my house. I have been looking for months for a piece of some kind of art to go on a small wall in my living room. I have a huge painting and it needed something with the same color scheme to balance it out. I have been looking for a year.

To my surprise and for only $10.00 the perfect painting. I could not have hand picked a better match. I was so excited. Emerson and I wandered around and then there they were. All bleating for me to find them. Lambs, lambs, and more lambs. Guess how many lambs....15 lambs. And even a few Shepherd's. Is this how God works?
Or is this just one of those coincidences? Or is it simply a coincidence of His blessings.

I told the home owner my story and search for lambs and she was just so blessed to hear the story of the ladies in my book club. They were about 25 cents each and now sit on my table waiting to be part of a place setting. I think it's such a joy to find in each day how God truly has blessed us.

I disciple a few lovely ladies. I often think they get tired of me each week, as part of their homework is to write down ten of the ways God has blessed them this week. I know for me I don't have to look very hard as my eyes, ears, and heart are open to however He wants to bless me and I don't want to miss out. I did not get just one lamb, but I got 15 lambs, a few Shepherd's, and a painting that has waited a year for me to find.

Thanks dear Father that your blessings are never a coincidence of the day or event. You want to give us the desires of our hearts and sometimes those blessings come that very day and sometimes it takes a year. Even if it is just a bunch of silly figurines and a painting.


  1. Elizabeth! You know I don't believe in coincidences... I just can't. God is sooo deliberate. So precise. So intentional.

    The thing is... I think He has been doing this all along... Why did it take me so long to notice?

    And how fortunate those little lambies are! To have such a wonderful shepherd.

  2. just like you & your son & that find at goodwill.(Praise God) God provides if we only allow Him to. You bless my socks off, lady. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. What an amazing demonstration of God's tender care and watch over us in his supplying of your heart's desire. Great portrait of faith, friend.

    Love the new look here...


  4. Such simple requests and such perfect answers. I love when God does this - shows us His presence in the Little things of life.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. "A Shepherd's look at Psalm 23" is an awesome book!! One of my favorites!


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