Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just the Beginning......

This is my first time to ever study the book of Esther. Beth Moore has come alongside to guide me, along with a great number of women in my study. I do not like studies with a day to day book to follow and study. It cuts into my own time with God, and often I show up to a study unprepared, and my blanks not filled in.

I give myself no pressure to ever fill in the blanks, and take what time I can each day asking God to open my heart to new understandings. The next several weeks it's going to be an amazing journey. I could sense yesterday the enemy trying to distract my heart and spirit. I am also leading a book club with a host of some very amazing woman. So this season is going to be so enriching and full.

In the study book for Esther, Beth Moore has layed out an easy format to follow and learn. I love it. I am on day three of week one. Yet I keep going back to day one and something she has printed on the margin.

"There on the sacred pages of Esther God overtook a human hand and scripted a young woman's story into His own."

The first time I read that it was a passing through moment of reading. Each time I have gone to my study I have paused over this, and have reread it. Now as I finish up today's study I ask myself this simple question. How God, have you scripted my story into your own?" "Do I believe that you are not just overtaking my hand, but holding it all the way.

I am not going to begin to answer those questions today. I have lots of deep heartfelt thoughts on this one, but to ask myself that question and for God to use this book as a spring board for digging deeper into what my life looks like as a woman has me filling in all the blanks.

Esther and the study of Psalm 23 will truly be a journey I am looking forward to every day as God steps in, as He always does and allows me to grow up some more in Him.


  1. Thanks for talking about this Elizabeth. I will need to get the study as well. I too like to do something kind of at my own pace. I am so thankful to you today. Take Care.

  2. Looking forward to going through the study alongside you via blogland! Thanks for sharing your view of a 5-day Bible Study. For me it helps me to connect the dots! Hey... if you ever want to stop by and share your wisdom... please do!

  3. Going through a good study is so rewarding. I pray that you are richly blessed.


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