Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jesus Snacks.

This child has not wanted to accept Jesus into his heart. It's not something we push around here as I truly believe that everyone needs to have their own coming to Jesus, but he is very deep and asks many questions on a regular basis about Jesus. A few weeks back he made the announcement that he would only have Jesus in his heart on Fridays, because it's the end of the week. Friday would come around and he would get a big smile and say today is a Jesus day, it's Friday. I just went with it.

A couple of weeks ago Ethan came to me and said he would like to ask Jesus into his heart and make it real and his own decision. He said he wants to work on those dark spots on his heart. He asked if I would help him pray and that afternoon at the kitchen counter he prayed and now has Jesus living in his heart every day of the week.

Ethan often asks what the juice cups and crackers are for at church. The kids sit with their parents during the worship and then are dismissed and don't get to partake in communion which our church does every service. I said that the adults do not get a snack time and over the past few weeks, in bits and pieces I have explained what communion is. Being the over thinking deep child that he is I have been answering many of his questions.

Tonight our church did things a little different and had communion while the kids were still seated with parents. Ethan said he would like to drink Jesus's Blood and eat a cracker for His body and so we went up together. I asked him if he understood that this represents Jesus's blood that was shed for our sins. In his seven year old way, he asked if he would bleed if he got an owie if Jesus's blood did that for him. So together we whispered prayers of thanksgiving and shared communion. On the way home from church Ethan said this..."mommy I think it's really important that the adults have Jesus snacks each week, as a reminder of all that He did for us and a reminder of why we need to be good."

I love kids. The tenderness of their hearts and how real they are with their words. I am so blessed at his decision to follow Jesus and his experience for the first time with Jesus snacks. He gets it all so very deeply. Thanks Lord Jesus for holding my son's heart because he gave it to you.


  1. What a beautiful few shaping moments you've shared here. Did you read my post about my son "licking the communion plate clean"? I love the tender moments of truth that come to us through the lives of our children.

    Oh for the eyes and the heart to question and to believe as they do!

    Simpler times...


  2. You really have one very sweet and deep son there. And I'm sure you were an integral part in nurturing him to be who he is today. Wonderful!

  3. tis the way we'll remain in touch- blogging, fb- come visit me!

  4. LOVED thish post! Yeah, Ethan! That's great. When Grant first accepted Jesus "into his heart" he used Jesus as an excuse for snacks. "Mommy, Jesus is hungry and needs a snack."

  5. This post brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Kids can teach us a lot about Jesus and other topics if we let them.

    I am back to blogging after a long break, I hope you will stop by for an update.

  6. Absolutely precious- and so great that you recorded that memory (and such an important event!). I agree with you- kids tender hearts amaze me. And when I slow down and listen to my kids, I learn an awful lot from their example and their insight.

  7. Wow. Now that's one for the baby book. What an amazing little boy your son is. How precious they are, no? Such faith.

    Perfectly lovely story, Elizabeth.


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