Sunday, July 26, 2009

God Finds

I am sitting here on a Sunday morning in my dining room. I love this spot in my house because I am still connected to the family, they just never think to come in here. I think we all need a little get away in our own homes. A few years back I was able to carve out a little space under a staircase in a big storage closet. I was able to fit a desk, extension cord for a lamp and computer and it was actually very cozy and darling.

I made a HUGE garage sale find this past Friday and it seems the boys will be busy this next year. A family was moving and had a moving box about three feet high full of Playmobil. They were not considering selling it because they did not want to take the time to sort out all the different sets. I was digging through a LEGO box and found a Playmobil cowboy hat. I asked if they had Playmobil and that is when the box came out of the garage filled with moving boxes and ready to be loaded on a truck.

When I saw the contents I truly gasped. These were older Playmobil from the early 90's and the boy was 15 years old. His mother said they had not opened that box in years. I opened my wallet and took out all my cash for the next couple of weeks. I said I don't want to insult you because I know the value of this box. All I have is $50.00. She had to talk with grandma about it, as grandma was behind this great collection, having bought all these for her grandchildren. Grandma smiled at my three little boys and said of course. It took two people to load the box into my van.

In addition there was a 1994 big boy castle and pirate ship with every single piece by Fisher Price. I had to laugh. Elliot wanted these two sets when he was a little boy and we just could not afford them. So Emerson got these two sets for $5.00.

I think this family must have owned every single person, set, and animal Playmobil made back then. We spent a long Friday afternoon sorting. My boys are so brilliant. They were able to put together Castles, Ships, Houses, Farms, you name it and then find all the people and little tiny pieces to make each set. Hundreds of pieces and even two days later they are still creating, playing and well here I sit in my dining room with a warm cup of coffee.

I have to say that things like this happen to our family all the time. Perhaps I have a good sniffer. I mean all this started with a Playmobil cowboy hat in a LEGO box. I think I do know how to look for a deal, and mostly know what I am willing to pay.

As we drove away I asked the boys what they thought of this HUGE blessing? They could hardly contain the excitement and I could not drive home fast enough. Blessings? Hmmmmm, do we take the little finds in our life as blessings or is it just that we happen to be at the right place at the right time. I am no smarter than the next person, okay maybe just a little, but with each amazing find I have to pause and thank God for smiling on our family.

My boys today are wearing clothes that I found at Good Will three years back. I had stopped working and found pleasure in dressing my boys up. I came out of a high end kids fashion industry. I had been to New York City for all the runway shows. Ethan even walked the runways for a fashion show for Vogue magazine. How on earth do I go from dressing my boys so handsomely to Good Will. The day I drove into the parking lot I prayed that I would find something cute. God, you are so amazing. A family apparently had three boys 3-5-6. My boys were only 1-3-5 at the time and were in need of new duds. I found eight bag fulls of full outfits, matching outfits, jammies, all from fancy stores, not one hole or stain. Today my boys still wear these clothes and some may cringe at the thought but I know God is blessing our family in the ways we like to be blessed. Take a moment to today to think about the God finds in your life, the blessings because He loves us and wants to bless us. It's pretty cool to really sit down and take inventory of our needs and desires are being met by those God finds.


  1. How you find where my heart is. I was having a moment of "why can't I have that" the other day. Then the Lord showed me I am blessed more then the thing I thought I needed. I once again thank you for your thoughts and words. They truly are a blessing to my life. As are you. Happy Sunday.

  2. Wow, great score on the Playmobil!! :) I keep my eyes out for things at Goodwill, and mostly find great deals on shoes there (brand names like Nike, Vans, etc.) Love it when God helps us with good stewardship!

  3. I always feel like such blessings are the way in which God smiles down on us and to show us he cares about even the simple things about us :O)

  4. If Disney wasn't reason enough to make my envious, playmobil definitely is. My son is a huge collector. Man, God sure is raining down some blessing on you. Maybe I should move to Oregon. Most people here have never heard of playmobil.



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