Monday, June 29, 2009

Fly fly away....

This visit with my oldest has been like no other. Home for his longest stay in three years. Conversations of this being his last real "living" at home. For the last three years it's been a week or two between school, or traveling with a music group. This year he came home, what was to be for four very short months. He came home a young man. No longer this gangly kid wondering how to pass the days of summer. He got a job, start working in a church, teaching, leading worship and home long enough to take a time out to wrestle with his brothers. On his days off he would take all three boys on a day long hike, train ride, run around the city or a local park. He kept in touch, and showed up for dinner parties. Biking has been his means of transportation and what a blessing to think that he would land home for four months. Knowing that this is really the last stop home and from this time after only to be a visitor.

Today he called on his way to a highschool retreat. He's gone for three days helping out. He said he has bad news and good news. A church in Florida would like to hire him and get him in out there ASAP. He called to ask if I would look on his computer to check his schedule of the best day to flight out. Barely anytime to have a going away party. The talk around the table has been that this might be the last time he is home for the next two years if he is working in Florida and going to school full time. I did not get the bad news and asked him what that was. He said that his time home is being cut short. Fly, fly away young man. A mother's heart will always yearn for her children to be close, but never can I step in the way of God's plans for Elliot.

I am blessed that God is going to use his life to teach, challenge, and grow him more in ways that only He knows. It's going to be a whilrwind this next week as we get him packed, going away party and onto a plane. Again I say fly fly away. (On a completely different subject Emerson is right beside me building this huge Lego airplane. If it was built I would take a picture just to add to this post.


  1. Your son sounds like such a joy! It's wonderful that he will get to share is love and talent with others. You much be so proud!

  2. You must be one proud mommy today. May I have the same amount of grace you are showing when it is my time to do the same. Much love always.

  3. funny about the legos... and life goes on... I'm thinking you might need to take a trip to Florida!

  4. I feel your pain, friend. Did you read my recent post about "where the heart is"? It might help you know how I'm dealing with this type of feeling. Love reading your "heart" in this one.



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