Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fast Food Novice

Today my patience was really tried. I mean to the point of wanting to write letters to the presidents of these companies. All because I lack fast food savvy.

This morning I passed a Burger King with a huge blow up Sponge Bob sitting over the building. The kids went crazy with delight and wanted to know just how big he is. I saw a sign that said kids meals 99 cents. Wow, that is a deal. So I told the boys that after we picked up Emily from college we'd go there for an early dinner. I pull into the drive thru and give my order for four kid meals. Emily even wants one. Heck 99 cents and a Sponge Bob toy. Before ordering I asked what the meals contained thinking it would be scaled down for the price but no, it's a full meal kind of deal so I proceeded to order. After taking my order the voice in the box kindly tells me that I must order four(4) meal deals, which basically start at about $4.00. WHAT?! She said the 99 cent deal was only if you order a meal menu. WHAT?!!!

Now I had just told three little boys that we were getting Sponge Bob meals. But I was not about to spend $20.00 to get the almost dollar deal. I told them that they should be ashamed of themselves, that this is clearly false advertising. She said it's written on the sign at the drive through, to which I looked over. By this point Emily is feeling a little embarrassed that I am taking issue with this. Until she looks over at the sign, and there beneath the over sized BOLD letters is something,so small if an ant were crawling across the sign it would need glasses. Even then I could not read the finer print, nor could Emily. By this time Emily is feeling less embarrassed and much the dissatisfaction of the moment that I am feeling. So with a slow boil, no kid meals we drive away.

The boys are clearly upset, but McDonald's is at the next light. They are not so happy but McD's will do. So I end up spending $10.00 and some change on three kid meals. (Sorry Emily). As I am at the window waiting, I see painted on the window. "Happy Meals Every Tuesday from 4pm-8pm $1.25" I look at my clock and it's about 3:58pm. I get the lady's attention and tell her it would have been nice to know that I could have bought these meals for much less only minutes later. She is handing me my bags, smiles and says..."lady we've been doing that for six years".

Okay, I get it, I clearly do not know how to navigate through a fast food joint. And I can't say I am disappointed. I absolutely can not stand spending money on overprocessess out food. So I guess I may a few buck down, but the better part of me fine that I am just a novice in these parts of the world.


  1. i can't stand when they do this. I am not good at the fast food navigation either, but thank the Lord I don't do it too often. Just like you I can't see spending money on overpriced food.

  2. Its not a good thing to know all the ins and outs of those places anyway. They sound cheap but in the end, it might cost you lots more in medical bills.


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