Friday, March 20, 2009

Editing Project Completed

Editing project completed? What the heck does that mean? I have been blogging less the past several weeks due to trying my hand on something completely different than I ever expected.

For the past three years, being out of the work force I have committed many of my days to jeans, mud, dump tuck sites, hikes, parks, and some days without a shower. I spent the first part of my mothering doing what I love for a career and still being a full time mom to my five children. I could sit at the table and play Scrabble while laying out an outline for a clients product development plan. My brain likes to be running full steam and being home with little boys these past few years exclusively had me wondering if my brain could still function outside of the wonderful adventure of little boys.

I am not normal and I know it. I was always the kid in grade school that finished my work first and then wanted to have extra credit assignments. It's how God designed me and so my desire is truly to be present and involved in every little moment with all of my children. So, through much prayer I started asking God what I could do to fill the time in the evenings, and the time when my children are napping. Something that would not require me to leave the comforts of home, or have to go and put on impressive duds. I mean really showing up for mud pies is just so easy.

My husband laughed when I said I might try my hand at editing. He gets my emails, and constantly teases me of my quick brain and slow fingers. Spelling and gramatics don't mean so much to me when I just writing for conversation, but truly when it's a client's project I am mindful of the outcome, not for me but for the client. So his boost of confidence was one to be noted.

I took on a project through a request on craigslist for an editor. I was very upfront with my lack of specific experience. Although working with the development of products and marketing through add content had me copy writing, and editing the projects for past clients, I felt I was not completely out of my league. And thus began the work which took up the free hours of my day. Reading, re-reading, and reading again. I felt I had to read each chapter three times before any red changes occurred.

I do not have permission to go into the details of this non fiction project. I am clearly amazed at how God has allowed me to work on a project that ultimately He would be seen and glorified through this author's writing. I did not get a grade on this like school, except the author kept sending me one chapter after another, and he did acknowledge his appreciation for my commitment and contributions. The book is complete, the face of the author still unknown and then an email.

A major publishing company wants to look at this book. Now if that does not say WOW!!!!! This is where the road ends and it's been an amazing journey of learning more about the gifts God gives us when we just try. Without the fear of coming across as not qualified, or a no thanks. My fear, I must admit was that my personality would distract, as I know how to be serious but I also don't take life so serious.

So, now back to more regular blogging. I have missed keeping up with those blogs I was reading almost daily. May God bless each of you. Happy Weekend, Elizabeth


  1. Elizabeth! You are such an inspiration! Always challenging yourself... and using the gifts God has given you. I am excited to be on this journey with you!

  2. Welcome back to blogland. I'm glad this project was fulfilling for you. What a wonderful outcome for the author.

  3. Glad to hear your assignment went well although it kept you very busy. Welcome back to blogland.


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