Sunday, March 22, 2009

Things That Make My Heart Smile

This has been a terrific weekend. Not one big event, just lots of moments. And sitting here, late Sunday evening I decided that I am going to blog those little things that make my heart smile.

I have to start with David. We had a little spat. (Spat: when elizabeth talks to much and really should not have). It makes my heart smile that my husband gets me. I put a post-it on a large chocolate bar and then put it on his pillow. It said I am sorry for spouting off. He comes down stairs and hugs me, smiles and says how could I ever be mad at you when you give me chocolate. I love David.

Six year old boys are funny. They have this way of saying "come here, come here I am still a young boy and need my mommy", only the next moment might be "go away, go away, I am a big boy and can do it on my own". The only thing is that you don't know which boy you are dealing with at all times. This morning, it made my heart smile when he just hugged me and thanked me for being his mommy.

There is a young man at our church who is the drummer. Ethan is smitten by him, and has to sit up front each Sunday to watch him play the drums. Today this young man, took time to talk and allow Ethan to sit at the drum set and play. It truly made my heart smile to see Ethan with his modern day hero, and for his hero to be a young man of God.

I love Julie B. She and I bond in the kitchen at church. We laugh, we cry, we share. We sit and chat about life while preparing food. We met last summer and within minutes realizes we grew up in the same town and her brother was in my class. My heart smiles every time I see her. She ministers to me in such a special way.

When the worship team brings in one of the oldies. The oldies remind me of being a young girl loving Jesus. When I hear these songs I am brought back to that place in my life. A time when things were not so good at home, but church was my second home, and music was my favorite. My heart was smiling as the words of song pressed on my heart.

A time of deep thoughts shared with my daughter. Learning how to love and understand each other and blessed that we can open our hearts up to each other.

This may seem silly to some, but it's these little things that make my heart smile.


  1. So great. AND awesome for you Miss Editor. When I write my book, will you be my editor?

  2. I had a great weekend too! Can't tell you what I did, but perhaps, that is the one reason it was so great. No big agenda!

    Happy week to you~elaine

  3. So true. It's the little things in life that make my heart smile too.

    Chocolate. I could forgive anybody for a chocolate bar. Sounds like you have a sweet husband. I spout off too and am glad my hubby puts up with it.

    Sounds like Ethan has a great role model. I'll be the experience playing with his drums is one he won't forget.

    Glad to hear you have a great friend in Julie B. We can use great friends.


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