Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Do You Pray

In the last few weeks I have met young women who have said.."but I don't really know how to pray". I have also met some who have a scheduled time each day that they pray. I have been pondering this for several days. Asking myself what kind of relationship would I be in when I have to think through my words carefully and even plan what I am going to say. Think about this for a moment. My first thought was going to the doctor. My husband even has me write out my questions for fear I will forget to ask. That is both scheduled and planned. What about those who are close to me? I know in my home we have a mutual respect for one another. Something like this...."hey mom do you have a minute so we can chat?"..."or working and living alongside each other we don't need to really ask, we can observe and discern what is appropriate for that moments and the talking just happens naturally.

In the last few days, as I have been thinking about this I realized that with God there are no appointments, no moments to discern, no scheduled times during the day. Just a connection of prayer ongoing through out the day. So, so easy. Just breathing a word of glory, honor, or thanksgiving through out the day. Even telling my boys that Jesus smiles back down at us when we smile up at Him. I also like to journal my thoughts, that are needing more processing outward, so the outward is on paper. This young woman asked if I would share with her how I write and I thought...okay. So here is a day in my life with Jesus:

Dear Lord Jesus,
This Proverb 10 could fill a full year of study. I read this and loved every word. I have always told my kids that You give us the desires of our hearts if we serve You. That verse just popped out of the Bible today and I did not ever remember it's reference so here it is.
Proverbs10: 24 (second part)...what the righteous desire will be granted...
I love this verse and so embrace it's promise. I hope that is okay because I have many desires, and see every day how you fill my heart with so many blessings.

Proverbs 10:18 (second part) ...and whoever spreads slander is a fool....
Gossip, gossip, gossip. Lord please help me to be mindful of the words of my mouth. Help me to uplift, even when those who speak ill will of me.

Proverbs 10:19 ...but he who holds his tongue is wise..
Help me to hold my tongue Lord you designed me with a strong will and strong opinions. Give me strength each day to being careful in all I say and do. I love you so much Lord Jesus and am working very hard in this area of my life.

Thanks for the Bible and how it brings me to greater heights with you. I am truly love and blessed.

For me, my prayer time is both written, spoken, and knowing that God works in my thoughts and hears the cries and the joys of my heart. When I was in my early 30's I listened to a speaker at a women's conference direct each women to find a time each day, a special place, and that without this kind of time alone with God how could they possible grow. In my small group there were many young moms like me, at that time. Many felt that if that was not done, you could not have a prayer life with God, and were discouraged. I think it's important to be in the Word of God. I don't have a special time or place. I am sitting in my kitchen, the boys watching Sponge Bob, and often I will sneak into the dining room and grab my Bible along the way.

Our God is awesome!!! He is here 24/7. Driving down the road, in our thoughts, and all we need to do is just talk to Him. Smile and smile and let Jesus know that one was for Him. He gets us, He gets our schedules, He gets our limitations. And for that reason I know that we can always know that no matter what is taken from us, we will always have that direct line to God. Praise the Lord!!!!


  1. I am the exact same way. I pray throughout the day whenever the thought strikes me. I'm glad I know God is listening. If I didn't have him to speak to continually I wouldn't know who to talk to when no one else is here.

  2. I love that I can pray anytime or anywhere. God doesn't limit me, so I try not to limit Him either.

  3. It is so good that we can share our own styles of prayer, worship and study. Everyone is so unique and it helps to know that some can pray anytime... and some are encouraged by praying at a similar time... or in a familiar quiet surrounding... some are more or some are less distracted. And God is God of them all!


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