Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Am I really too busy...?

Often are the words of friends..."I did not call you because I know you are so busy with your family". A call for help, a need, an extra child to care for when an emergency comes along. I know that I am the last person to call.

Two weeks ago a friend's husband was in the hospital and I knew that I would be the last person she would call. Instead I called her and offered to take her kids for the day. I did not expect to hear from her because most people often think I am just too busy. She called and for a wonderful day my boys played all day with her boys.

This past Sunday one of the speakers, teachers, preaching team (what the heck do you call an evangelist, who lives in our town and now is often speaking at our church?) Spoke from Luke 10. The story of the "lawyer" "the intellect" challenging Jesus as to who is really called to serve. Jesus went into the story of the Good Samaritan. A story that I have heard since I was six years old. This story unfolds as really about an attitude of our behaviors and acts of kindness and service. It's about our internal motives, and if our motives are right our outside behaviors will follow.

My outside behavior is one of being to busy. My heart aches to hear that this is the view most people see in me. I am very selfish with my time and I know that. I know my ministry is to serve my husband and children first. In that, I miss out on opportunities to serve others. I can always bring others into our family for the purpose of helping out. My family is rarely compromised, and I don't think they should be, but one extra child, a extra meal cooked, cleaning a home, or helping someone keep thing organized if they have a loved one who is sick or in need. Jose, the speaker, listed the following.

Seizing Opportunities, it's what the Good Samaritan did. He was busy, actually so busy that he brought the beaten man to an Inn and left money with the Inn keeper to care for the beaten man until he could return. I am guessing this man was on his way to a business meeting.

1. Opportunities are often unplanned. Are you expecting God to break into your plan? I know that my organized manner is to let God know what time slot His plan may fit into. Really, if I am being completely honest it's the unplanned that drives me nuts and I may slowly sink into the woodwork.

2. Opportunities are inconvenient.
I recently got a request for the need to prepare and deliver a meal for a family in need. Please don't ask me if I have responded to that email yet. I have not. I have to check my schedule, my pantry, my time is precious, so it's this kind of challenge I am given in the name of serving our Lord Jesus.

3. Opportunities are often costly.
I have been working on this one and realizing the moments that God has provided, and I realize it's His moment for me to shine, I really am trying my best to be mindful.

4. Opportunities can be risky.
Risk does not always mean unsafe, it may mean simply stepping off a train and realizing that that old lady really does need help, only to be booted over the head with a handbag. I have yet to have a little old lady clobber me with her handbag.

5. Opportunities are often an avenue to experience God. (joy, satisfaction, peace)
This I truly get, and embrace when God chooses a moment that He knows I can handle and will be ready and willing.

Looking for, being available, and praying through the opportunities that God brings into our path is my hearts desire. That I would not be known as to busy, weighted down by the world, but rather I would be one who is thought of to be of service.

Luke 10: 36,37
36: Jesus asking..."Which of these do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?"
37: The expert in the law replied, "The one who had mercy on him." Jesus told him, "God and do likewise."

Go and do likewise. I like that. Jesus spoke is such simple ways that one does not have to think to hard to get it. So as the weeks unfold go and do likewise.


  1. :) I think what you call that person is an evangelist who needs more invitations to speak...

    Send me the name via e-mail...maybe I can sign up to help with offers near Sunny.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog today...and thanks for these great things to think about. I too often have people say that I'm too busy, which I am, but not really.

    So I'll try to go and do likewise.

  3. Oh for a "yes" in my spirit that never pauses to examine and ponder the "cost." God help me to be more outward in my focus because of the inward focus of Jesus Christ. Funny how often I keep Him hidden and to myself. I want to be more obedient in attending to these needs as they arise. Even when they don't, I want to be a woman who brings them to the surface and thinks to do them, without necessarily being asked.

    A great prod, Elizabeth. Thanks for kicking me in the pants today...


  4. I'm with you! Hubby and son are first in line... and when I forget that... all is not well!

    I've had the pleasure of investing in the lives of a few people this week... and because I know them so well... I was just the one for the opportunity!

  5. I think you said it way better (and in less time!) than I did! Thanks for the post....


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