Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fire Proof

Last night I watched this movie. First, movies should give a Kleenex warning with the opening credits. I had a friend tell me I should see this movie. She said she cried through so much of it and now I see why. So about half a box of tissue and two hours later I was so impressed with the message of hope and salvation this movie gives.

I think there are times, like watching this movie I grieve the lost dreams and hopes from my first marriage. The pain of wanting to work on a marriage and then being served divorce papers. I have told David that, that one moment in my life was one of the most painful. When Kirk Cameron opened the divorce papers in the movie and started crying, I could not help but take myself back to that same moment. I was driving into my driveway and some stranger literally walked up to me and asked if I was Elizabeth, to which he handed me the divorce the papers. I think even now, in a happy marriage it's okay to allow some of those old wounds to heal a little more.

I went to bed feeling so very content, blessed, happy, and grateful for David. Even on his worst days he is still so very kind with such honorable intentions. We all have moments, bad days and selfish times. David is the rock in our family. He is the one who calls me to "check in", ask how my day is going and offer some witty thoughts on the weather, kids, and share his work with me. He loves unconditionally and is a very patient man. To think that in one year he went from single bachelor to step-dad, father and now a big family of five. Yet when turbulent waters rise he is still here and we both don't have to work so hard because we are such great friends. This is our anniversary month. Six years later we are still holding hand and enjoying the life God blesses us with each and every day. He values my desire to be home full time taking care of our children, and goes to work every single day so I can live out that desire.

In the movie, as Kirk Cameron went through the 40 days in that book I just smiled as I realized my husband does this kind of stuff on a regular basis. It made me think of how I can be doing more to serve and love my husband. So this morning I started making my own little list to work on and be mindful of. I thought of five things that I know he will like...which I grumble just a little...because when serving others we are not doing what we think is fun for us, it's about doing what you know would value the other person and something they would like. I can admit that on most days I am a pretty nice person and fun to be around, but going out of my way to do something for David being mindful of what would really surprise him. I want to challenge anyone reading this to do the same for your spouse. It's really not so hard, but I just loved how this movie was a reminder to me.


  1. Okay, okay. I know I have to see this movie. I just haven't yet. What a blessing for you to have someone love in such a way.

  2. My friend loaned me her copy and I still need to watch it. I think we'll have a date night this weekend after the kiddos are in bed. Thanks for the warning about the kleenex. I am a big bawler during most movies. :)

  3. I just watched the movie last night with my husband. I would say that we are "happy". He is very thoughtful, romantic, and he usually DOES put his family first. I, too, grumble a little about the 'serving' part. I accept your challenge!!!! I want to surprise my honorable husband! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thanks for the little reminder today...we saw the movie too and enjoyed it, but it is all easily forgotten a few days later.

    I'm off to clean the kitty litter. That'll be my first move.

  5. I want to see it!

  6. thanks, elizabeth, for your words of gentle reminder. I know God used you today to challenge me in something He has been whispering to my heart. I have a very-near-perfect marriage. My husband is so thoughtful and so very good to me. I need to affirm him more. I need to give him positive signs of my love and appreciation for him. I need to be intentional about my love for him. I like what you said "be mindful"........thanks, friend.

  7. I love to hear a woman boast about her man!

    I felt to do the same thing after the movie... I had stopped making the coffee in the morning... I've started to do that, again...


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