Thursday, December 1, 2011

He Hugs Them

What a joy it is to come full circle in areas of my life.  What a blessed mother I am.  This morning I started the day off with my oldest hopping in the car and joining me as we took the little brothers to school.  Each brother was walked to their class with big brother in tow.  They are all so happy that "he" is their biggest brother.  He and I then took a long drive out to pick up some furniture for his apartment.  I sit hearing him chat away about his life, asking some hard questions, sharing some funnies from our past and enjoying the St. John bridge, the Sauve Island bridge, the back drop of Mt. St. Helen's.  If our time ended here I would come away so very proud and blessed to have raised such a fine young man, and be able to spend the morning with him.

On our way back he asked if I had time to see his new place of work. He is now the worship pastor, leader, (not sure what they call the dudes leading music these days) at a church here in town.  I had the time and we rolled into the parking lot of Sonrise.

Elliot's face was beaming.  "This is it mom."  Seeing how proud he is to call this place his job blessed me. A young man who was encouraged to major in business management & business admin.    While attending college in Florida, he spent every moment of his free time in music ministry.  It has been his place of honor, growth to bring others into worship.  It is working where his passions are. Now a year out of college, a graduate who took off in the business world, took a step back and said, "this is where God is leading my heart."  Today he gets out of the car and wants to show good ol' mom around.

He hugs them.  First his little brothers as each one is dropped off at school. Those in the food line waiting to be served by those who run the food mission out of this church. Every day this church feeds the community and this man, who is my son hugs them, talks to them and smiles at them.  He knows their names.  The 70 year old lady passes by and he embraces her, hugs her and promises that "she is one of my favorites."  He says, "mom, Heather has been here for over 20 years, and she is bold, speaks her mind, is tough, but she loves like nobody's business."  Heather, coming up to my neck, hugs me, admits it's all true.  She tells me how much my son has blessed their church.  

In another room, a large gym like room is a store for the homeless. You will have your needs met with clothes, blankets, shoes, toiletries and honestly some of the sweaters were so cute I asked the lady running the program if I made a donation can I take one. As we were leaving Elliot, thanks her for serving and he hugs her.

This scene not much different than the family room Elliot grew up in. I thought I was the only family room that packs more leather than a saddle store in Wyoming.  He said, "I love this area mom."  And it does look like home, and feels like home.  

I am not soliciting a church. I have my own home church, but when your son has been praying and asking God for direction in his future, and his career and then lands in a place that is using him I am truly blessed.  Seeing the people embrace your son, like a grandmother, a brother, a father, a family who serves in the various areas of this church. I get to walk away a Proverbs mom.  Her children shall bless her.

They do bless me. They make me laugh, cry, and I thank God every single day that I wake up stills smiling over the sillies in our everyday life, but today, especially today, as this being the month of my birthday, the calendar turning of one day and a year older. I can reflect and remember when this little boy held my hand in the streets of downtown Seattle. Almost three years old, holding tight to my hand as we crossed the street, he stops.  "Mommy some day when I grow up I want to make sure everyone knows Jesus." Today, a church community inviting my son to usher worship into the hearts of the people who walk through those doors. My distractions, my foibles did not take the desires of that little boys heart away.  Today, so very blessed.

Thanks Lord Jesus, how my own mistakes in mothering did not hinder YOUR plans for Elliot.  Elliot thank you for hugging the little old ladies, the misfits, and the broken. You are living out the call of serving as Jesus did and my heart swells.

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