Friday, February 13, 2009

Drum Clock Story

Ethan's Drum Set Clock

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This is the face of one happy faith building moment!!!!
I want to take this time to share a story about Ethan. He is six years old. He is an extremely concrete thinker and for this reason does not do well with abstract thinking or concepts. As a matter of fact there are times when he will get so frustrated because he can not grasp the answers I give him.

This past January Ethan started drum lessons. For those of you who know him, this is truly a dream come true for a six year old. We are so blessed that the teacher would even take him, being young, deaf and all, but I assured the teacher that Ethan does fine with his Cochlear Implants and that he also does well in school. Ethan’s first lesson was very hard. Ethan is shy until he decides you are okay in his mind. For some he can cut loose immediately, for others it is a slow process. For Mr. Watson it was a slow process. Mr. Watson has an amazing music studio with several drum sets set up, as well as all kinds of interesting instruments. Ethan, as if in a candy store, ran from one thing to the next. I was impressed that the teacher was not going crazy having this kid touching and trying everything out. No, he just followed Ethan with the hope of connecting.

The drum teacher has this red clock. The clock is a drum set with the face of the clock in the base-kick thing. I apologize I am no drummer. Ethan saw that and wanted it. I mean wanted to pack it up and take it home. He was actually very angry that he could not have it. Even with the explanation of it not being his, which he gets this, but today he was just not getting it. Fortunately he did not throw some kind of fit until the comforts of our car, but I was so frustrated that he could not understand that this clock was special. Mr. Watson said he has had it for many years and well that is that.

From that lesson I felt a little weary. I know Ethan. I assured Mr. Watson that you will know when Ethan is comfortable with you in that he will ask you more questions than anyone person could possibly ask. I still think Ethan is making up for his first three years of not hearing.

After our lesson we had a trip to Good Will scheduled. Ethan was still moaning about the clock. Ethan also has a hard time grasping the concept of God. He said that he does not understand why he won’t’ show him His face. I simply say that He wants it to be fair (six year olds do get this) so when everyone goes to Heaven we all see His face together. I went onto to tell him that God shows us who He is in many different ways. He even blesses us when we least expect it in all kinds of ways.

Ethan then says that he wants God to bless him with the drum clock. What could I say? Sure, just ask God to bless you with the clock. So there in the car Ethan prayed for a clock. I then said that God does not always bless us with what we think we need, but with what will truly bring us closer to understanding Him. Ethan said something like; I think I will understand God more if He gives me a clock.

I love car rides with just one child. I love our conversations and all the directions they go. I love how they just open up with no competition of quickly getting a word in before someone else speaks up. So on we continue into the Good Will store to look for a book on airplanes. It did take us but one minute to find a really cool hardback book on airplanes. Ethan was so excited, as he is going to be a drummer and a fighter plane pilot. We wandered over to another area and there before our eyes. A red drum set clock. Exactly like his drum teachers. I started to cry. I just held up this thing and could not even believe it. Ethan kept saying, see mom God knew I really wanted this clock. I shared this story with Mr. Watson. I love what he said. Something like…”God showed His face through the face of a clock.” How cool is that. God knows how to bring understanding in such a simple way. I thought how much I must miss by my lack of faith, but then I look at my life and think how very blessed I have been too. We have a saying around our home, which I humbly share. Our family seems to walk in God’s musical favor. When the need is there musically God always delivers. This event with the drum set clock is just another example. In another story I will have to share how Ethan acquired his amazing drum set. Truly this is another amazing God kind of thing.


  1. Elizabeth! Are you kidding me? God is just like that... isn't He? To show us adults... that He can and will answer the prayers given from our precious children's hearts... Thank you for sharing this story!

  2. Sometimes the Lord just takes my breath away, the way he can answer prayers so directly. This was a truly sweet and wonderful story--a miracle in my estimation and evidence of His great love for all of us.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. To God be the Glory. May we all have the faith of a child.....this is great!

  4. WOW! Its amazing how God helps the little ones strengthen their faith in him.

  5. Completely the hand of God! Praise his Name! Now...did his hand also provide the finances for a purchase? I assume so. A good lesson in prayer and faith and trust for Ethan. May he carry it with him for always.


  6. OUR JJ has that clock! Wow, our beloved Mama is right!!!


  7. The end of this post brought tears to my eyes it was so heart warming. It amazes me that God can show up in a place you would never expect. It shows the kind of faith kids have when they pray. Ethan had a good question about God showing himself and God chose this moment to show himself to a 6 year old boy. I am in awe. I am also thankful that your son is doing so well with his hearing. A whole world of music has opened up for him and I am so happy he is taking advantage of it. This year on American Idol is a blind man and I am praying for this guy. I know Idol is kind of a wacky show, but I was drawn to this guy and I am rooting for him He cannot see but boy can he play the piano and sing. How awesome is our God!

  8. I LOVE this story! Isn't it amazing how much we as parents can be encouraged when God shows Himself to be real ot our children? What a great miracle. You should send this story to Guideposts or something:)

  9. I LOVE this story! Isn't it amazing how much we as parents can be encouraged when God shows Himself to be real ot our children? What a great miracle. You should send this story to Guideposts or something:)

  10. i LOVE this. brought tears to my eyes. it reminds me of so many conversations with my mom growing up (and still!). she is such a woman of faith and prayer and i can't tell you how many times she had talks with me like the ones you've had with ethan; God does show up, over and over.

    the best thing is that Ethan saw the face of God in that clock, but he is also seeing it by having you as his mom!!!

  11. Stumbled upon this & it made me smile.

  12. This is just beautiful :) Our God is truly amazing to me! To think He is big enough to make our amzing universe and at the same time so concernced and connected with our daily lives take the time to interact so personally with us. sigh...our God is so good! :) Looking forward to meeting you soon and helping out!



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