Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things....

This has been circulating around Facebook and has been fun to read so many of the random things about others so I thought I would post it here. If you post a comment and then post your own 25 random things I will choose one very lucky person who will win a prize. (my first ever prize give away) A nice one, one that you can mail, open and then drink from or something like that. I will choose a prize winner at "random" on Wednesday.

1. I was almost kidnapped when I was five years old in Central Phili. As the men were pulling me into their car the mother of a girl who babysat me was walking by and pulled me out. To this day I believe she was an angel.

2. I was running in Lucern Switzerland with Father Rock Sassono. I was 18 years old. I asked him what is he does to make people feel so important. He said he tries not to use the word "I" when he speaks, and when someone is talking he thinks of three questions to ask the person. I have tried to practice this most of my life and have passed this wisdom onto my children.

3. I use to make hairbows and was selling them door to door. I was making so much money that I felt guilty and asked my dad when I should pay taxes. He taught me how to start a small business.

4. Most people ask me where I get all my energy. Once someone asked a friend of mine if I was on drugs because I had so much energy. My secret is sleep. I typically get 10-12 hours of sleep about five days a week. I also have five children who equally love to sleep allowing me more sleep.

5. My last pregnancy I begged the midwife for a C-Section. She said that I had fast and easy babies and could not allow it. She asked why? I said those five minutes of pain feel like a year.

6. At 15 I dreamed I rolled in a suburban. A week later I did. I was not afraid as the dream prepared me. Freaked out my parents in that I told them the morning I had the dream.

7. When I was a kid I was a fast runner. My step dad took me bear hunting to run with the hunting dogs. He said as long as I stay close to the dogs and report back I would be safe.

8. I always felt bad that I did not grow up with music lessons. I felt music so deeply that I felt cheated. I told God that if he gave me children I would give them music. Thanks God.

9. I have run a multi million dollar company. I have also stood in line at the welfare office. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

10. The demise of my company was related to a icky divorce. The news printed that I had run off with $250K and went to Hawaii. I am still looking for the $250K since I most likely hid it under duress and the Hawaii trip never happened. Darn I wish the news was right. I still have the news clippings from the Oregonian.

11. I traveled for my business and took Emerson with me. This was in 2006. Before he was 2 months old he was in five major cities. After that I quit.

12. I can not work on a project unless my kitchen is clean. Funny thing Emily is the same way. Something about going for coffee or tea into a clean kitchen.

13. I met Tony Curtis, dined with him and have the pictures to prove it.

14. I met the president of All State insurance in an elevator in New York City. I was attending the same function he was. He had on a hilarious tie and I commented on it laughing. Not knowing who he was. His wife laughed along with me and I was invited to dine at their table. Okay not the president of the US, but the president of something.

15. The kids and I had to eat food out of our pantry for three weeks because I had no money. Which would have been okay, except before we were in this crisis Elliot removed all the labels off every single canned good to win the contest at school.

16. Twice I have picked up hitch hikers.

17. I did not know how to suck out of a camel pack, thus I climbed Mt. Juneau in heat without food and water. To this day I laugh over trying to be so cool.

18, My first place on my own was on Capital Hill in Seattle. The bars on the English Tutor style building should have been a sign. I just loved the charm.

19. I had my car towed three times while living on Capital Hill. The towing bill was worth my safety.

20. I faked liking horses for about six years. Emily loved them, so I had to pretend and love them to for her. When she got older and we no longer had horses I told her how I felt about them. Funny thing is I am very good with them and can teach you how to ride.

21. I am currently editing a book for no pay, just to get practice and see if I like this line of work. So far I am loving it. I never do things in the box, the sides of my box are not taped together.

22. I am a fashion disaster. I can dress others but not myself. sad but true, but then I guess I did not have to tell you that. Once a friend of mine said she sent my name into what not to wear.

23. I have used the same lotion and soap since I was 14 years old. Seriously no joke. Banana Boat after sun care and Ivory soap. I always buy the lotion in large quantities because I am afraid they will discontinue it.

24. I have filled a 42oz AMPM mini mart water bottle with pee. Yep, you read right. I was late for a wedding I was in and did not have time to stop.

25. I am someone who admires any kind of street artist and wish I could be on the street painting, dancing, or singing.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoy knowing more about the authors of blogs I read and you really are one very interesting woman!

  2. Do I have to wrie a new 25 Things or can my FB one count? heehee

  3. These were so cool. I had no idea. #1 was definitely scariest. #15 was funny I'm sure in retrospect. I have been in this type of position years ago, but I did have the labels on all my cans. That must of been one crazy eating experience.

  4. PS Gee I hope you find the money you apparently took. How funny and a trip to Hawaii. That's why I hate the news. So many times it reports evil, untrue things.

  5. do I pick one to focus on?

    The almost kidnapping, the peeing while driving, the door-to-door hairbows (by the way, got any extras?)?

    So much to consider, friend. You really have something interesting here to read, and I've read a lot of them in the past couple of weeks. I truly get a better sense of you because of it.




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