Saturday, November 15, 2008

Panty Raid of an OCD

My friend Tiffany so boldly exposed the inside of her pantry with the process of organization to come. At first when I read her blog title I thought it said Panty Raid and I could not understand the words that followed. I was even more curious to see what would follow a title such as Panty Raid, only to realize that I had misread the title. In our conversation I said my pantry is always in a state of complete organization. I don't know why it is. It's been like that since I first kept house. Needless to say, I was reading her blog this evening and thought I would run down a take a couple of pictures of my pantry. Visit her blog to see her amazing transformation of organization with her space. It's very impressive.

As for me, here are a few pictures just taken. Perhaps I should take a picture of my desk area which lacks any kind of organization. Which if we really put some analysis on this it really does say a lot. When I am in the kitchen, I do not have a lot of time and don't like looking for things or being out of the ingredients I need. When sitting at my desk I typically have kids busy or napping and do have time thus things can settle anywhere. Okay, end of story.
This is Ethan checking out the inventory
Seriously I am not OCD I just always put things in the same place so at a glance I know if I need to get more of something.

This is pretty much how it always looks.


  1. too funny that your model is in his "panties"...

  2. Now that's impressive to keep it that way all the time.

  3. That is a beautiful pantry!! And perfectly stocked. I find so much peace in knowing that what I need is in the cupboard.

  4. Your panty raid comment gave me a much needed laugh! thanks.
    great pantry. I have no pantry =(

  5. I want advice on the pantry thing tomorrow!! Mine looks like a tornado touched down in it!!!


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