Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soup is on Saturday

Soups on Saturday

This is hosted by an amazing mother of six children. Tiffany is very savvy in her appeal as in soup appeal, however she does have lots more to offer in her life. Check out her blog here:
About two years ago I was standing in my kitchen feeling totally junk fooded out. My daughter and I were craving extreme health and I needed to grocery shop, but did not feel like it. I promised her I would find something to make. I came up with this recipe. I will do my best to write it out. Since that time I have served this as a guest favorite and always am asked for the recipe. I always say, oh a little of this and that. So here is my idea of a little of this or that.
1 Lg. bag of frozen spinach
1 stick of butter
1 Lg. onion chopped
5 Lg. tomatoes or ( two cans of stewed)
2 Cloves of garlic or (2 Tbs of the jar stuff)
1 cup of green olives sliced (sounds not so good, but really adds a unique flavor)
3 cups of water or (chicken broth)
Add all these ingredients into a soup pot and cook on med-high with a lid on the pot.
After cooking/boiling for about 45 minutes you can simmer for about another 30 minutes on low.
After the 45 minute cooking time you can add the following options:
3 cans of white beans
4 chicken breast chopped up (already cooked) ( I will boil chicken separately while soup is cooking and then cut up and add a little later)
I will choose one or the other option. I have never done both.
Once ready to serve grate some fresh Parmesan on top. Perhaps it's our pallet, but we LOVE this soup. Even my two year old eats it up. I will make this up on a Sunday and eat for lunch during the week for a healthy filling lunch. This recipe makes enough to feed a family of six and still have enough to freeze for another meal. Which it does freeze well.
When I serve with company I had some fresh bread with garlic Parmesan and I kid you not it's just so yummy. A nice bottle of red wine tastes good with this soup. You can also add in about two cups of red wine into the soup for a more full bodies flavor.
Enjoy Soup Lovers
or is that
Lovers of Soup


  1. Man, that soup sounds YUMMY! I'll SERIOUSLY HAVE to make that soon!

    I've been out of town this week so I've missed a lot with my bloggy buddies. In catching up here, I wanted to also comment on your "hugging" post. I thought it was really sweet of you to take note of single people and things like hugs that we (married/parenting/folks take for granted). I'll be sure to take every chance to give a big ole hug to my single friends each time I see them! ;-)

  2. MMMMmmm...I have eaten this soup :o) it is yummy!


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