Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Not Me Monday

My children have a mother, not me to EVER be in the pictures, but look here I am.
Not me, making this poor child carry his own pumpkin. But look at that sweet face of accomplishment, choices on his own, and me NOT thinking this is the cutest child born to man kind. Not any of my kids for that matter.

Not me to buy my kids lollipops the minute we get the pumpkin patch because it will keep their hands and mouths busy.

Not me to have the cutest boys ever, and be the most admiring mother of her children. Okay, I admit these are faces that only a mother could love, and I am way braggy about my children, never, not me...this mommy walks in humility. Not me, just not today.
These not me moments are brought to you by the simple fact that I am me, and most things I keep to myself about, but really when given the opportunity to have a Not Me Momemt, a mama just can't let a day at the pumpkin patch pass on by. Nope not me.

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  1. Elizabeth, they are precious, every one of them. The pictures of them walking down the leaf lined trail, is one that needs to be framed for your wall.

  2. I've tagged you on my blog. Come play along!

  3. Lovely photos. I enjoyed reading your not me moments.


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